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Three Days and a Life Review: The Silence of the Innocent and the Guilty

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Three Days and Lives movie review, adapted from the novel of the same name that draws us into the mind of a young killer, tonight on RAI4.

On December 22, 1999, everything is ready to celebrate the imminent arrival of Christmas in the forested town of Beauval in the Ardennes. Antoine, a 12-year-old who lives with his mother after his father deserted, who moved to Germany, dreams of a Nintendo 64, console of the moment, as a gift, but in the meantime he has to deal with the turmoil typical of his age.

As we told you in our Three Days and a Life review, a boy falls in love with her peer, the beautiful Emily, but becomes prey to anger and jealousy when he finds out that she is actually dating someone. In one of these outbursts of fury, he ends up fatally and inadvertently beating his only friend, the youngest Remy, and instead of reporting what happened, he decides to hide his little body by hiding it in the woods next door to the community. In the following hours he felt remorse but in any case did not confess his crime, and therefore was not punished: in fact, the authorities did not find anyone guilty, not even the body of the unarmed victim. Fifteen years later, Antoine, who has long gone to live in the city, returns to Beauval and his past begins to haunt him again …

evil grows

Three days and a life 1

Three days and a life: a picture

We’re not up to that collective madness that wiped out the little bad guys white ribbon (2009) and not even close to the dogmatic thinking of the children of deceitful aliens Damned Villagebut the protagonist Three days and a lifetime It contains something disturbing and disturbing, resonating through the decades in the narrative in two distinct main periods that characterize the film. It is no coincidence that it leaps forward over the years only with a stroke of half-vision, or at the end of the first hour (from two hours), and inspires new suggestions for a plot that is becoming more and more blurry but dangerously without ports.

The atmosphere lives in a tense up and down time, dragging us into the nightmare with open eyes experienced by Anthony, the central character but also the villain in a shocking game of mirrors that will make the viewer immerse himself. His clothes no matter how difficult the occasion.

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to be or not to be

Three days and a life of 7

Three Days and a Life: One Scene

Director Nicolas Beau Khrayef adapts the novel of the same name by Pierre Lemaitre, published by Mondadori in Italy, with great interest in context and outline, so much so that since the introduction – with the eyes of the whole community staring straight into the room who is watching – one has the impression that he knows In depth the dynamics that occur in the city’s theater of events, despite the fact that the background of the numerous secondary characters in most cases is limited to the exchange of simple jokes.

The suspense gradually increases and the anxiety of the protagonist becomes a flood river that finally overflows with a devastating flood that destroys the entire area, causing a large number of victims and hiding – on paper at least – the effects of that terrible crime.

shadow over shadow

Three days and a life of 3

Three days and a life: a sequence

A crime that does not follow punishment and the relative course of Dostoevsky’s work, but is tinged with more bitter notes that borrow common interests in a kind of deafening silence, because the fault lies only with those who cannot afford to be acquitted. potentially innocent in a world where everyone has something to hide. And so the last half hour reveals more or less predictable discoveries and opens Pandora’s boxes that dig into the character of a denier, between those who know and those who don’t want to see.

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The story of surviving a crime, of an eternal struggle with one’s conscience: on that day little Remy not only lost his life, but also Antoine, his involuntary killer, lost a part of himself forever, and continued to pretend and pay what he did not do alone he publicly confessed, escaping from prison The materialist but became a slave to another kind of cage.


A dark drama in which we immediately know the identity of the killer: to kill young Remy was someone a little older than him, twelve-year-old Antoine. The friend of the victim, who was forcibly wounded and killed in a moment of anger, will carry the shock of the one who did not confess to committing a crime with him all his life and fifteen years after the past crime knocks on his door again. As we told you in Three Days and a Lives review, the film attempts to put the viewer in the role of a hard-earned hero, asking “what would we have done in his place,” and succeeds in creating a venerable character. Feeling restless and restless. The excellent atmosphere that best recreates the dynamics of village life, with a small community where everyone hides something, gives more ideas for a drama tinged with emotional suspense and full of surprises.

because we love her

  • The setting and atmosphere help decorate the story with more nuances.
  • The story cleverly confronts the viewer with uncomfortable questions.

what is wrong

  • Some may not appreciate the apparent lack of venting.

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