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Plastic shards in food, urgent recall

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What food items are affected by the presence of plastic fragments in the food? The responsible authorities intervene immediately.

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Due to the presence of plastic fragments in the Ministry of Health food I had to issue a food recall notice that affected an Italian made product.

The fact is such a reason that the responsible authorities move forward with full speed. It’s easy to imagine having plastic fragments in food that could have some Important consequences for consumer health.

For this reason, a special circular was issued ordering the withdrawal from sales of the goods in question. The presence of plastic fragments in food can lead to dangerous situations with immediate necessity Entering the emergency room.

The Ministry warns of the presence of plastic fragments in foodstuffs

Gigi il Salumificio srl, with the name Strutto jar of 250 gr
Removing the product from the market (Photo by the Ministry of Health)

Precisely in the space for warnings, the Ministry of Health states how the product in question should not be consumed. Marked product Gigi the Salumificio srl, with the doctrine Grease jar 250 gm The name or company name of OSA under which it is marketed is Gigi il Salumificio srl which is also the name of the product.

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There is only one part affected by the problem. It’s about 544, Printed on packages produced at the Emilian factory in Castelnuovo Rangone, in the province of Modena. As an expiration date or a minimum storage period is present Reference 06/20/2023. The factory or manufacturer identification mark is CE IT 779 S.

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Each unit produced weighs 250 grams. The Ministry of Health advises how to contact the following references for more information on this topic:

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click here To view the notice on the Ministry of Health website

Consumers who may have one or more units of the indicated product at home are requested to return the product to the point of sale where they previously made the purchase. In this way they will be able to obtain the right to a refund of the amount spent or the possibility of exchanging the goods for others of similar value.

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