Home sport Lecce Inter: all the information to get to the stadium

Lecce Inter: all the information to get to the stadium

Lecce Inter: all the information to get to the stadium

On the occasion of Lecce’s first match at home in the Serie A football tournament, and in coordination with the police command, the municipality of Lecce has developed mobility services and some changes in traffic in the area around the Ettore Giardiniero stadium, with the aim of ensuring greater safety, livability and safety for those participating in the event athlete.

Compared to the usual administration – the last of which was put in place in Cittadella – on the recommendation of the police command It will be closed to unauthorized vehicles (authorized to hold a pass for parking in Piazzale Rozzi and Adamo, Cude pass, security forces) Junction 7A from Tangenziale Est, exit “Stadio”, towards Brindisi Maglie.

They will be able to enter the stadium From Junction 7 / A towards Brindisi only holders of parking permits in the eastern and western parking lots. This is to ease the presence of cars in the stadium area and to ensure safer management of mixed traffic (cars, safety vehicles, scooters, bicycles, pedestrians). The closure of intersections will be in effect from 4 hours before the match to 2 hours after the final whistle (and in any case until the cars are fully flown). Residents of Via Rapolla and Via Cremona and taxis will be able to get to their homes from Viale Giovanni Paolo II. Therefore, spectators who intend to use the car to get to and leave the stadium during the match and citizens who intend to reach the area around the stadium for any reason, are invited to use various intersections.

From four hours before the match, Prohibition of stopping with forcible removal on both sides of all vehicles along Viale Giovanni Paolo II from Via Carrara to intersections SP 364 includingexcept for bicycles, mopeds and mopeds that must stop in the outer perimeter, at Viale Giovanni Paolo II, in the kiosks provided.

In accordance with the agreement between the municipality and Us Lecce, Piazzali Rozzi and Adamo, where there are about 900 parking spaces, will be able to access only authorized vehicles.: Insiders, security forces, people with disabilities who hold a CUDE card, and season ticket holders over 80 and under are in possession of the card distributed by the company in the days prior to the meeting.

We remind you that tomorrow, three hours before the match and after the match ended, Sgm and the municipality activated the line.stadium by bus‘, designed to allow Lecce to reach the stadium without using a private car and fans from the county to be able to park comfortably in areas other than the stadium area – thus avoiding queues and waiting to find a parking space – and to have the means to get to the Via del Mari quickly and without pressure These are the stations of the line to the stadium: Libertà-Roma, P.zza Palio, Libertà-S. Ilia, Libertà-Cavoti, Libertà-Pepe, Via Del Mare, Emperor Adriano-Gobetti, Palace of Justice, De Pietro Calasso, Porta Napoli, University, Porta Rudiae, Gallipoli-Diaz, Gallipoli-Lombardia, Gallipoli-Lombardia Museum, Police Headquarters, Piazza d’Italia, Otranto-Pizzello, Otranto-Orsini del Palzo, Battisti Service activated three hours before the start of the match (in the case of Lecce-Inter, therefore, from 5.45 pm), with a frequency of 10 minutes, suspended within 90 minutes of play and reactivated at the end of the match. It is a service available as an annual subscription at a cost of €20 or can be used through regular public transport tickets for one trip ( 1 euro) available at authorized distributors yen, via myCicero app, TicketAppy, DropTicket and on board vehicles at an additional cost of €1,50.

From three hours before the start of the match, two normal public transport lines will be subject to slight deviations from the normal route. there Line S 16 Costa San Cataldo On the outbound journey, once in Piazza Palio, you will continue along Via Pettagora, Viale Aldo Moro, Via Lodi, Via della Cavaleria, the intersection of the eastern ring road of San Cataldo and on the way back, when you reach the eastern ring road towards Magli and you will continue along Via della Cavalleria, Via Lodi Via Aldo moro, Via Pitagora, Piazza Palio. there R4 Costa – Piazzale Cuneo . line You will witness the transfer of the arrival terminal from Piazzale Cuneo to Via Carrara.

bit navigation Three stations equipped with a sufficient number of vehicles available to spectators who intend to use mopeds, scooters and electric bikes will ensure that they travel along Viale Giovanni Paolo II without the use of a car. The three stations will be located, one at the height of the Centrum shopping centre, one at the Fse station and the last one at Piazzale Adamo.


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