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Italy and Brazil: science and technology, 9 cooperation agreements – health care

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(ANSA) – BRASILIA, NOVEMBER 19 – Italy’s Ambassador to Brasilia, Francesco Azzarello, and President of the National Council of Governmental Research Funding Agencies (Confap), Oder Antonio Delagostine, today signed the first program at the Embassy’s Executive for Scientific Purposes. Technological cooperation between Italy and Brazil.

Nine research projects, co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and agencies from various Brazilian states, will be carried out jointly with Italian and Brazilian researchers in the fields of artificial intelligence, basic sciences, infectious diseases, and obstetrics. of energy from renewable sources, nutrition and metabolic diseases, precision agriculture, space science, sustainable production and the use of strategic minerals.

“This important agreement reinforces the already intense cooperation between the two countries in the scientific sector,” Azzarello emphasized in a note thanking also Scientific Adviser Fabio Naro. “However, we still have a lot to do together, and we will do so thanks to a shared desire to enhance cooperation, while at the same time exploring new horizons for science,” the ambassador concluded.


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