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Horror club, genre films, free on Chile, between cult and rarity

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The “Horror Club” section of CHILI offers some lesser-known horror movies completely free, with ads: between Lucio Fulci and Umberto Lenzi, there is something that might interest fans.

Platform KILOS Open a section dedicated to Horror cinema Of a lesser-known kind: This show, which is never short of cult status, is Free, supported by ads, so that the end user can enjoy vintage thrills by accepting ads for free. But what are the most interesting feature films in this film Selection? What to have or absolutely crazy forHorror excited But also for long-distance movie fans?
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A Cat in the Brain: The Will of Lucio Folci

brain cat (1990), the director’s penultimate film Lucius Fulcithe venerable master of this kind (also from Quentin Tarantino), remains one of his most delirious works. The protagonist is actually the director himself, who is self-confessed Unhealthy horror mania and the sadistic visions, so much so that he is introduced in the story by an analyst, but the evil “professional” intends to use his unilateral obsession to his advantage. Spray As If It Rained by Pino Ferranti and Studio 2.

Nightmare on the Polluted City, Apocalypse by Umberto Lenzi

I go crazy the walking Dead? You can’t miss it A nightmare on the polluted city (1980) by Umberto Linzi, another famous local master of low budget nightmare. The reporter realizes that A.J Radiation leak converts people to living dead Heinous and bloodthirsty. Together with his wife, he will try to save himself. But is there a way out of the end of the world? Even the church is no longer a refuge from the scourge that befell humanity…

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The blood-soaked house never forgets Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee He was one of the actors most identified with The horror kind of yesteryearso it’s good to see him back inside The house from which blood bled (1971) by Peter Duville. In the gloomy case of A.I Scotland Yard Inspectorinvestigating the disappearance of an actor, discovers that A.J country villa He hides dark secrets: he is told three stories related to phenomena related to minors. Fantasy characters coming to life, a killer wax figure, a little girl practicing magic… Will it all be real?

Horror Show Ubaldo Terzani

Horror Show Ubaldo Terzani (2010) by Gabriele Albanesi is instead a modern representative of the Italian genre, in which a young director embarks on a project Horror filmto be written with the author An expert in novels of this kind, such as Ubaldo Terzani (played by Paul Sasanelli). This collaboration will have harmful effects on the boy, who will gradually be carried away by Trezzani’s madness: if the latter is constantly coming out of bestsellers, he knows the dark side by heart …
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