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Halo Infinite refers to Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo in sentences issued by UNSC Marines –

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Another cute Easter eggs appeared in infinite aura These days, through a Quote from Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, the famous trio of comedians, who were apparently honored by the voice actors of the Italian adaptation of the game in the sentences they uttered Marines UN Security Council.

As you can see in the video above, in some campaign situations, traveling to Zeta Halo with a squad of soldiers, one of them could come up with the legendary phrase: “Disconnect your spine and playAdagio from AlbinoniThis erudite quote refers to the drawing of Count Dracula, one of the most famous theatrical performances of the trio, which is in turn related to the imitation of Nico, the Sardinian character played by Giovanni in My Dairy Gul.

Obviously, this is a surprise that only exists in Italian version From Halo Infinite, which the Transformers wanted to bring in to lighten the climate a bit, while surprisingly consistent with the typical ferries of Marines present in the game, in fact.

On the other hand, it’s not the only element he plays on comedy Within the Halo Infinite campaign: to balance the typical earnestness of the Master Chief, as well as the often sarcastic tones of Arma, the supporting AI, there are above all Grunts, who in this chapter have undergone a shift toward more apparent humor.

Only in the past few days have we reported an Easter egg on Metal Gear Solid that the aliens in question are responsible for, but it’s just one of the many examples that can be done on Grunts in the game. Meanwhile, it has been announced that Halo Infinite’s Christmas-themed winter emergency event will kick off next week.

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