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Free PC Game Dec 22, 2021 Previously Unveiled Again –

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Once again, well-known leaker Billbil-kun revealed Free PC game for Epic Games Store today, or from December 22 2021. The video game that we will be able to claim in a few hours is Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a strategy adventure game that combines turn-based combat in XCOM with a detailed storyline, exploration, stealth and strategy. In the game, we control a team of mutants who rule a post-human land. Humans have actually disappeared. Roaming the remnants of civilization are mutants, disfigured animal-like semi-humans, in search of salvation or just something to eat.

Screenshot of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

car only Announce a day in advance of every Epic Games Store game that comes as a gift this Christmas. So we can say that it is very reliable, even if there is always a remote possibility of making a mistake or that Epic Games decided to change the game at the last minute (which it has done in the past, albeit on a few occasions). Billbil-kun claims Mutan Year Zero: Road to Eden was initially chosen as the December 29 game, but Epic decided to reverse it with Game of the Day. Do not know what the swap game is.

Tell us, are you interested in the soon-to-be free Epic Games Store game?

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