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Why did Putin go to North Korea? Exchange of weapons, aircraft, and technological assistance: all objectives

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An exchange affecting both countries: weapons and bullets for the Russian army on the one hand, and technological aid and more modern aircraft for the North Koreans. This is the goal of the Russian President’s visit today, Tuesday, June 18 Russian President Vladimir Putin Who will visit? north korea for two days, «During SWhen a strategic partnership agreement should be signed between the two countries – Newsweek analysis – Putin should meet with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un To discuss deepening their relationships». This is at a time whenBoth countries are growing closer to each other in increasing isolation from the West».

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What is behind Putin’s visit to North Korea?

Last week, North Korea watchers hinted that a visit was imminent, and satellite images captured preparations underway in Pyongyang. The visit will be Putin’s second visit to the country as president and the first in nearly 25 years. Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov revealed several details about the trip to Russian journalists yesterday, and highlighted the possibility of signing a strategic partnership agreement that addresses security issues. But as Russia faces increasing pressure from the West over its invasion of Ukraine, experts believe the visit has much more to do with Russia’s need to send weapons to the front lines. “toNorth Korea, under Kim Jong Un, has emerged as a silent and decisive partner in the Russian campaign in Ukraine. US and South Korean officials accused Kim of supplying Russia with thousands of containers filled with artillery, missiles and other military equipment that prolonged the war.».

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A recent Bloomberg report, citing the South Korean Defense Ministry, indicates that North Korea has shipped nearly five million artillery shells to Russia, likely in exchange for key military technologies and aid, despite denials from both Pyongyang and Moscow following the discovery of North Korean-made missiles. In Ukraine, it was supposedly launched by Russian forces. In addition, satellite images captured Russian ships loading goods at North Korean ports, reinforcing suspicions about growing military cooperation between the two countries.

In this context, according to Newsweek magazine «CThus, concerns remain about this arms deal, in which Pyongyang is supplying Moscow with much-needed munitions to fuel Putin’s war in exchange for economic aid and technology transfer that would increase the threat posed by Kim’s nuclear weapons and missile program.». The arms trade between the two countries constitutes a violation of UN sanctions, and neither Putin nor Kim have publicly announced that they have such an agreement. It is unclear what Kim Jong Un and North Korea might get in return. Some speculation suggests that North Korea may be seeking Russian aircraft to bolster its aging air force, as well as money and grain.»Professor Emmanuel Kim of the Korean Department in Washington said. The trip also comes at a time when North Korea is seeking advanced technology and military support, such as spy satellites, with which Russia has pledged to help.» I reported Newsweek. While Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said last January that Moscow and Pyongyang are working to develop their cooperation. In all sectors, including sensitive ones». Partnership is very important» He added regarding Russia.

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In addition to military cooperation, economic considerations also play a role. Although North Korea is more economically aligned with China, continued cooperation between Russia and North Korea indicates a shared interest in countering Western influence and sanctions. Military, economic and other cooperation between North Korea and Russia has increased significantly since Kim visited the Russian Far East in September for a meeting with Putin, his first since 2019. Today is the second face-to-face meeting between the two leaders in nine months. The Russian delegation will include prominent figures such as Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. An official ceremony will be held in Putin’s honor, and Kim Jong Un is expected to personally accompany his counterpart from the airport, which confirms the importance of the visit.

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