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Warning Why didn’t Jessica Alba use guns in the action scenes?

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Why did Jessica Alba prefer other combat weapons over excluding weapons in Trigger Warning? The explanation comes from the protagonist.

Jessica Alba It’s a backup Netflix He is also called the protagonist of an action movie. Trigger warning She is often seen at the center of fight scenes. However, the actress did not want to carry a gun during action scenes and preferred to choose another weapon. She also appeared as an executive producer, and she plays in the Netflix thriller ParkerA former Special Forces operative returns to her hometown after her father’s death to discover that there is an ongoing conspiracy that may be behind her parents’ deaths. After inheriting the family bar that his father ran, Parker must also thwart a local criminal gang that threatens the bar and the entire neighborhood. With a military background behind her, Parker is not afraid; on the contrary, she is more determined than ever to uncover the truth.

Trigger Warning: Why Parker Doesn’t Use Guns in Action Scenes Explained by Jessica Alba

Since she is often involved in action scenes, Jessica Alba preferred the character Avoid firearms. Decision in agreement with the director Molly SyriaBut the actress explicitly requested it. In fact, instead of weapons, Parker tries to fight his enemies by brandishing a knife. As explained by the leading actress L Collider:

It was a 100% choice. We supported it together. We feel like the genre today is dominated by a lot of killing and shooting and stuff. And in a lot of ways it ties into the genre, as John Wick demonstrates. We asked ourselves what was right for us and what was satisfying and fun to watch. Even if Parker has to take out an opponent, they’re killing emotionally, not faceless or anonymous. They’re the people who hurt her and are trying to kill her. How does that dynamic play out? We were creative and open to having her take out her opponents in different ways, but we tried not to use the gun too much and use other weapons.

For Jessica Alba, a trigger warning represents a Back to the scene After a five-year hiatus, which then happened at Netflix. Making this film was not easy, especially since according to the actress, it took some time to find the right script and the perfect director “To make sure everything works“.

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