Home World Ukrainian War, a Russian SU-27 fighter was shot down over Belgorod: intelligence announcement

Ukrainian War, a Russian SU-27 fighter was shot down over Belgorod: intelligence announcement

Ukrainian War, a Russian SU-27 fighter was shot down over Belgorod: intelligence announcement

The White House: “$2 billion in military aid to Poland”

The United States is allocating another $2 billion in military aid as a direct loan to Warsaw: this was announced by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan shortly before Joe Biden's meeting at the White House with the Polish Prime Minister and presidents.

The White House confirms a new aid package for Kiev

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan confirmed a new arms shipment worth $300 million to Ukraine. But the official confirmed in a press conference that “this will not be sufficient without Congress’ approval of the aid law.”

Kiev: A building in the south was bombed, killing two civilians

Russian bombing hit a residential building in the town of Kryvyi Rih, Volodymyr Zelensky's hometown, in southern Ukraine in the evening, killing two people, according to preliminary information provided by the head of the regional council, Mykola Lukashuk. The governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Serhiy Lysak, wrote that there were at least 30 wounded being treated in hospital, “including a child.” The head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andriy Yermak, posted a picture of the burning building on Telegram and commented: “The Russians hit a residential building. Rare beasts.” Rescue operations are underway.

The United States provides about $400 million in new aid to Kiev

Today, the United States is expected to announce a new military aid package worth $400 million to Kiev. Reuters reported this on its website, citing two American leaders.

“Severe damage” from Ukrainian drones to a Russian refinery

The main crude distillation unit at the Norsi refinery in Russia's Nizhny Novgorod region was damaged by a Ukrainian drone attack, halting at least half of production. Reuters reported this on its website, citing industry sources who requested anonymity. “The fuel and energy complex was attacked by drones,” the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, Gleb Nikitin, wrote in a telegram. Lukoil, which owns Norcy, declined to comment. According to industry sources, Norsi refines about 15.8 million tons of Russian crude annually, or 5.8% of the total refined crude. It also refines about 4.9 million tons of gasoline, 11% of Russia's total, 6.4% of diesel, 5.6% of fuel oil, and 7.4% of the country's jet fuel.

Kiev Intelligence: A Russian fighter was shot down in Belgorod

Ukrainian Military Intelligence (GUR) spokesman Andrey Yusov said on television that the special services received information circulating on the Internet this morning about the downing of a Russian Su-27 plane in Belgorod: “This information is being verified.” Cited by UNIAN. Russian channels previously published a video of the Russian fighter plane crash on the Internet. “The video was also released by military commander Andrey Tsaplenko,” UNIAN reports. According to eyewitnesses who posted video clips, a strong explosion occurred, and then the plane was seen falling and crashing in the forest.

Moscow: “Capture of the village near Avdiivka”

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that Russian forces captured the village of Nevelskoye near Avdiivka in the Donetsk region. This was reported by Interfax.

Who are the Russian revolutionaries loyal to Ukraine?

These are the Freedom of Russia Corps, the RDK Volunteer Corps, and the Siberian Battalion. In particular, the latter published a video of fighters entering Russian territory. “Well, we're finally home. “As promised, we bring freedom and justice to our Russian land,” the “Siberian Battalion” wrote on its Telegram channel. “We previously said that it will not be possible to peacefully overthrow the criminal dictatorial regime of the Russian Federation – the message continues -. It can only be eliminated with weapons. “Within reach. Tonight (last night, editor) we began to fulfill our promise. Fierce battles continue on the territory of the Russian Federation.” Subsequently, the Russian Freedom Corps published a video clip showing the destruction of a Russian armored vehicle in the village of Tyutkino in the Kursk region. For his part, the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense in Kiev – Andrei Yusov – indicated that the three volunteer units consist of Russian citizens who work on Russian territory “completely independently, fulfilling their social requirements.” -The tasks of the political program. He added that this is ultimately not the first actions of this kind by these structures and organizations on the territory of the so-called Russian Federation. The current operation is a joint operation between RDK, Freedom of Russia, and the Siberian Battalion on Russian territory.

Russia's pro-Ukrainian supporters attack border areas

Pro-Ukrainian Russian partisans entered the territory of the Belgorod and Kursk regions of Russia, took control of a border town and are advancing in different directions: the volunteers themselves announced this on their Telegram channels, as reported by Ukrainian media. . Partisans have taken control of the town of Lozova Rudka in the Belgorod region, and fighting continues in Tyutkino in the Kursk region, Ukrainska Pravda reported.

The Russian Red Cross is accused of training children

The International Red Cross Movement is under pressure to take action against the Russian Red Cross because of the group's close ties to the Kremlin's war and propaganda machine. The Guardian newspaper revealed this in an investigation it conducted with a group of journalistic institutions. Evidence includes the central role of the head of the RRC in a “patriotic” pro-Putin organisation, senior Russian Red Cross staff speaking of the impossibility of peace with “Ukrainian Nazis”, and the RRC’s involvement in military training for children.

A Ukrainian drone strikes a fuel depot in Orel

A drone hit a fuel depot in the southern Russian city of Orel, near the border with Ukraine. This was stated by the governor of the region, Andrei Klychkov, on his Telegram channel.

Ukrainian drones over Russia, hit a refinery

Ukrainian forces attacked Russian territory with dozens of drones in the past few hours, and also hit a refinery in Nizhny Novgorod, hundreds of kilometers from the border. RIA Novosti quoted the governor of the region as saying that one of the refinery units in the Kastov industrial zone caught fire. The Defense Ministry said that at least 25 Ukrainian drones were shot down in various regions, including two in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg. No further losses were recorded.


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