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Ukraine and Russia drop the terrible FAB 3000 glide bomb for the first time

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Rome, June 21, 2024 – Now in mass production FAB-3000 aerial bombIt weighed more than 3 tons Released for the first time From Russia to Ukraine.

“Slippery bombs”

According to TASS, it is stronger So-called “slip bombs” Others already in use are versions containing 500 to 1,500 kilograms of explosives, which struck the village of Liptsy, in northern Kharkiv province.

FAB 3000 is in production at a factory in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

UMPK Group

These bombs, called “idiot bombs” by the Anglo-Saxons, are devices of Soviet origin with devastating power, but the technology applied to them is poor. UMPK Group For guidance and gliding preferred ailerons, inertial navigation systems and satellites. It is not very accurate, but it is capable of flying over enemy lines and hitting targets farther away, avoiding the unnecessary risks that Russian fighter-bombers are always in the range of Patriot or SAMP/T defense systems.

Devastating against Ukrainian defences

Bomb set FAB-500, FAB-1500 and now FAB-3000 (There will also be FAB 5000 and FAB 9000, ed.) They gave a significant advantage to the Russian army against Ukrainian defensive barriers, but due to their inaccuracy in their construction And also a massacre of civilians In cities such as Avdeevka and Kharkiv.

It is produced in large quantities at the Nizhny Novgorod plant

In March 2024When the effectiveness of the FAB 500 and FAB 1500 became clear in the face of the results on the battlefield and relative Advance of Russian forcesThe Russian Defense Minister at the time, Sergey Shoigu, Visited the factory Nizhny Novgorod, A city in Central European Russia, the capital of the region of the same name and the Volga Federal District. The Ministry, citing RIA Novosti, explained the importance of these bombs. Very economical and practicalThe necessity of using it for the success of the special operation, Confirmation of increased production The company decided to FAB-500, double the Fab-1500, and start, from mid-February, production of the Fab-3000 series.

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