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Tom Hanks and Robin Wright are renewed here, the artistic challenge faced by Robert Zemeckis in one shot, here are the pictures

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Here, based on the graphic novel by Richard McGuire, he tells the story of nearly 100 years of the same family, in one shot that is always the same. Tom Hanks and Robin Wright cross multiple ages thanks to makeup and digital makeover. A double challenge for a veteran director like Robert Zemeckis.

First pictures of herea new effort by Robert Zemeckis with Tom Hanks And Robin WrightAdaptation Graphic novel of the same name by Richard McGuirereleased in 2014. The film follows The story of the same family nearly 100 years ago, in the same room and in the exact same shot: It was Hanks and Wright Digitally restored Or age as necessary. In short, this is another technical challenge for the director of Back to the Future.

Here, Robert Zemeckis freezes, ages, and rejuvenates actors in the same room

It’s not the first time Robert Zemeckis “Use” a friend Tom Hanks to Technical experiments: Make him interact with the greats of American history forrest gumpHe had him play several characters of different ages polar expressby capturing the performance. appropriate with Eric Roth Graphic novel here to Richard McGuire (Published in Italy under the title “Qui”), imposed on him and others this time Robin Wright For interpretation Same characters all lifeRenewed or old, depending on the period mentioned. The film will be released in November, and Zemeckis explains: “It only works because the performances are great. Both Tom and Robin understood right away: We have to channel how we were fifty or forty years ago, and find that energy, that kind of attitude.” “Turn up the volume a little bit, those things.”

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If the challenge consisted of just this, it wouldn’t be enough for Zemeckis, but the idea was to convey the idea behind the graphic novel from life: It tells the exact same place across decades and decades…with the same shot! Robert enthuses: “The perspective is always the same and never changes, but everything else changes. Indeed This has never been done before. There are similar scenes in the early silent films, before the invention of the language of montage. But other than that, yeah, we’re addicted Big risk. […] They always saw me for a reason That visual effects. But they are always choices that serve the story and characters. […] I’ve always believed that it’s our job as filmmakers Show the audience things they don’t see in real life.“.
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