Home World Thousands of starfish on the sand: a disturbing discovery

Thousands of starfish on the sand: a disturbing discovery

Thousands of starfish on the sand: a disturbing discovery

A disturbing scene rocked the beach in Margate, Kent, where thousands of people gathered sea ​​Star Lifeless. This event has raised concerns among residents and environmental experts, who are now wondering what caused this tragic situation.

Thousands of dead starfish in Margate: what happened

The unexpected stranding of thousands of sea ​​Star On the beach in Margate, Kent, it has not only worried the local community but also alarmed environmental experts. This event raised a number of questions about what could have caused such a tragedy.

Starfish carcasses discovered along the coast pose a risk due to the potential for contagious or contagious diseases, and Thanet District Council has advised visitors to avoid contact with dead animals.

According to what the authorities reported, the causes of this phenomenon are still unknown. As much as it is Stranded starfish It is not uncommon for the scale of this event to leave experts scratching their heads. It is believed that it may be caused by various factors, including: Abnormal sea currentsSevere storms or changes in the marine ecosystem.

ecologist Nick Mitchell She documented the mass death of starfish, and posted photos and videos on social media, to raise awareness of the importance of protecting these creatures. Environmental monitoring and new research will be useful to better understand anomalous environmental events such as those that occurred in Margate and take preventive measures in the event of potential risks to the environment and public health.

How long can a starfish stay out of water?

Starfish, being an organism closely associated with the marine environment, can only resist for short periods Out of the water. Their delicate balance depends on the marine environment to maintain their vital functions, and time spent on land can seriously affect their health.

Although they may survive temporarily, it is essential to keep them hydrated and return them to the waves to avoid irreparable damage.

Why you should not take it into your own hands and how to save it

Before you even think about trying to rescue a stranded starfish, it's important to understand the damage they can cause even by Touch it.

Our hands carry microorganisms that can damage a starfish's delicate skin, endangering its health and even causing its death. Contact with hands can change the internal temperature of animals and disperse germs mucus Who protects them and exposes them to danger.

If you find yourself encountering a starfish on the beach, it's important not to pick it up. Instead, it is recommended to use a net to gently move him to a safer and quieter area, always keeping him submerged in water to ensure his safety.

Others should also be made aware of the fragility of these marine creatures and the importance of monitoring and respecting them from a distance. They are an important element inMarine ecosystem Preserving it is essential to maintain its natural balance. Adopting responsible and mindful behavior when around these creatures can make a difference in their survival and the future of the Earth.


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