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They are about to sell him, and now Milan is shaking: there is a place for him

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The possibility is becoming increasingly real. His transfer could put Milan in trouble. Here’s what’s happening

The Arabian winds are blowing strongly again. In the past few hours it has been like this. Stefano Pioli to say yes the UnionA very rich three-year period. 16-18 million euros For every season. It is impossible to refuse. And so the Parma coach will find himself coaching among others. Karim Benzema And N’Golo Kante. But in the next few days, white smoke may also reach the player, which may leave Europe to move to Saudi Arabia.

Milan (ANSA) –

Ismail bin Nasser, There’s a lot of talk about him, he’s not the only one who could pack his bags to play in Saudi Professional League. And as he wrote in recent weeks, there was also the possibility of being able to see. Arabian island More precisely to the Al Victory, Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson. The possibility is becoming more and more tangible. The club and the goalkeeper have already reached an agreement, and now the ball is being passed to him. Manchester city. It is clear that with a possible farewell to the footballer, Pep Guardiola You may need a new number.

They sell the goalkeeper, now they attack Minyan

It’s easy to think that without Ederson, the Manchester City They might decide to consider getting their hands on them. Mike Minyan. The French goalkeeper is showing all his worth at the European Championship, and his ability to play with his feet is an aspect that could be decisive.

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Arabian Peninsula puts Milan in trouble
Diogo Costa (ANSA) –

the Milan However, fans can look forward to the future with optimism. The Devils are convinced they can secure their goalkeeper, perhaps with an offer on the table. 6-7 million euros Net for every season. At the same time there is hope that interest Manchester City It is directed elsewhere. It is theEuropean Championship 2024 In Germany to tell us that at least two goalkeepers could be worthy of the nationals, goalkeepers who could coincidentally also be of interest to Milan, in case of Maignan’s farewell.

It’s definitely number one right now. Diogo Costa, The absolute hero of Portugal’s qualification to the quarter-finals. The extreme defender. Batch 1999 He refused three penalties against Slovenia, becoming a national hero. harbor And evaluates it at no less than 40 million euros. He is a year younger, but his European Championship did not go unnoticed either, Giorgi Mamardashvili Ready to take the trip. The porter Georgia can leave Valencia For a similar amount.

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