Home entertainment The popular horror 4K Steelbook is available on Amazon

The popular horror 4K Steelbook is available on Amazon

The popular horror 4K Steelbook is available on Amazon

One of the most popular horror films of recent years is on offer

Talk to Me: The Iconic Horror 4K Steelbook is available on Amazon

It is definitely among the most popular horror films in recent years Talk to meDirected by Danny and Michael Filippo And achieved great success at the box office. The film, which cost just $4.5 million, has grossed more than $90 million worldwide.

Today it contains a prestigious collector's Steelbook 4K Ultra-HD version of the movie It's on Amazon, and if you're passionate about the genre, it's truly an opportunity not to miss. If you haven't seen it before, now would be a good time to watch one of the most iconic films of recent years, a horror film for new generations. On these pages you'll also find our detailed review of the Steelbook.

On the website, at the time we write the article Talk to Me (Steelbook 4K UHD + Blu-ray) Available in 26.99 euroswith one 7% discount At the recommended price (29 euros). If you're interested in redeeming, or even just getting additional information about the product in question, all you have to do is go to the next box.

Talk to me, plot

“Talk to Me” is a descent into hell that begins when some children go so far as to go so far, opening the doors to the spirit world. A group of young boys – played by Sophie Wilde, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, and Otis Dungey – come across a series of viral videos depicting the horrific effects of a game bordering on the supernatural: a seance in which a person comes into contact with the outside world. . Souls of the afterlife through a mummified hand that acts as a gateway between the worlds.

Talk to Me 2: A sequel to the horror film is in development

While searching for a distraction on the anniversary of her mother's death, teenager Mia (Sophie Wilde) and a group of her friends decide to try their hand at a test of courage. Summon spirits by following a simple ritual in a dangerous game of liftingThey take turns challenging each other to open the gap between the living and the dead until the rules of the game are broken. The young friends will have a horrific experience and will find themselves trapped in a vortex of horror caused by the mysterious supernatural forces unleashed by the ritual.


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