Home World The popes talk about Satan, the cunning enemy who actually exists

The popes talk about Satan, the cunning enemy who actually exists

The popes talk about Satan, the cunning enemy who actually exists

In this season of Lent, we once again propose some words of the Rabbis about the reality of Satan, “the tempter par excellence” who “swept the earth with hatred.” An enemy with whom there is no dialogue, it must be fought with “spiritual weapons of faith.” An evil “sorcerer” cannot hinder the building of God's kingdom.

Amedeo Lomonaco – Vatican City

Lent is a period of repentance, repentance and reconciliation. A time to welcome the new life that comes from Easter. It is an opportune moment to make journeys of faith even across deserts full of emptiness and uncertainty, rejecting the temptations and deceptions of the evil one. Popes have repeatedly spoken of the truth about Satan, “a sinner from the beginning” and “the father of lies.”

Benedict XVI: Jesus allows himself to be tempted and remains the Son of God

We read in the Gospel of Mark that “the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness, and he remained in the wilderness for forty days, tempted by Satan.” Pope Benedict XVI mentions this page, saying:Angelus on March 1, 2009. Even in extreme poverty and humility, when tempted by Satan, Jesus remains “the Son of God, the Christ, the Lord.”

Benedict XVI: Jesus allowed himself to be tempted by Satan

In the Holy Lands, west of the Jordan River and the Jericho Oasis, there is the Judean Desert, which reaches Jerusalem through stone valleys, exceeding an elevation difference of about a thousand metres. After receiving baptism from John, Jesus entered that isolation, guided by the same Holy Spirit that came upon him, sanctifying him and revealing him as the Son of God. In the wilderness, the place of temptation, as the temptation of the Lord appears. In the people of Israel, the reality of the eviction, the evacuation of Christ, who stripped himself of the image of God (see Philippians 2:6-7), appears with vivid drama. He who has not sinned and cannot sin is subject to testing, and therefore can sympathize with our weakness (see Hebrews 4:15). He allows himself to be tempted by the adversary Satan, who from the beginning opposed God's plan of salvation on behalf of mankind.

Pius XII: Evil has invaded the Earth

The works of Satan corrupt man, and sow hatred and war. Pope Pius XII, in a historical period still torn by the wounds of World War II, said these words Radio message from 1953 The Italian Catholic Action targets and points to true love as the true antidote against the “enemy of God.”

Pius XII: Satan has conquered the earth

Satan has invaded the Earth with hatred: rekindling, arrogant, loving. Many are still bad, because they are not loved enough yet. Revive everything that comes under the influence of your rays. Be, like Mary and with Mary, instruments of life in the souls who are dying today of cold and hunger, but who can return to the house of the Father, if they are moved by your words and inspired by your example.

Paul VI: Satan is an evil sorcerer

Satan is “enemy number one, the tempter par excellence.” inGeneral interview on November 15, 1972 Pope Paul VI states that one of the greatest needs of the Church “is to defend the evil we call Satan.” Through multiple cracks, including “ideological temptations,” this annoying, cunning, and mysterious magician can “easily penetrate and change the human mindset.”

Paul VI: Satan really exists

Thus we know that this dark and disturbing being really exists, and that it still acts with treacherous deceit; It is the hidden enemy that sows mistakes and misfortunes in human history. (…) This will be a very important chapter of the Catholic doctrine that must be re-studied about Satan and the influence that he can have on individuals, as well as on societies, on entire societies, or on events, while today little is…

John XXIII: Satan is fought by faith

In the war against Satan, “spiritual weapons” must be used. This is what Pope John XXIII confirms, at a moment in history undermined by the Cold War Radio message from 1961 Addressed to the whole world “for the harmony of people and the tranquility of the human family.”

John XXIII: Spiritual Weapons Against the Devil

If we are to follow Saint Paul in his warnings – which concern a stance against these evil spirits spreading through the air – the description he leaves us of every good fighter, to the point of being prepared against his adversary, is interesting. “In the all-encompassing gaze: Belt yourselves with the truth; Wear the armor of justice on your chest, and stand on your feet so that you may quickly overcome the gospel of peace, the gospel of peace. Take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of power and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.” A complete depiction of spiritual weapons, through which, dear brothers and sons, you will see indications of what can be, and what must be, the stance of a good Christian in all times and circumstances, and in the face of any event. Spiritual Warfare Which comes from evil and from uncontrolled natural tendencies; but war is always: always a hideous flame that can penetrate and overwhelm everything.

Francis: The evil one sows division

Throughout his pontificate, Pope Francis repeatedly reminds us that “man never speaks with the devil.” “Jesus – affirms the Supreme Pontiff inPublic hearing on December 27, 2023 – He never talked to the devil, but rather cast him out. When he was tried in the wilderness, he did not respond to dialogue. He simply answered with the words of the Bible, with the Word of God. The only possible response is the Word of God. He presided over the mass on October 11, 2022 On the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, Francis affirmed that “the Good Shepherd sees and wants his flock to be united.”

Francis: Satan sows discord

The Council reminds us that the Church, in the image of the Trinity, is a communion. As for Satan, he wants to sow division and division, so we should not surrender to his flattery, nor should we surrender to the temptation of polarization. How many times, after the Council, have Christians taken pains to choose a part of the Church, without realizing that they are tearing at the heart of their mother! How often have we preferred to be “cheerleaders for our community” rather than servants of all, progressives and conservatives instead of brothers and sisters, “rightists” or “leftists” instead of Jesus; to set themselves up as “guardians of truth” or “soloists of modernity,” instead of recognizing themselves as humble and grateful sons of the Holy Mother Church. God doesn't want us like this. We are all, we are all children of God, we are all brothers in the Church, we are all the Church, all of us. We are His sheep, His flock, and we are only together, united.

John Paul II: Satan cannot hinder the Kingdom of God

Despite his power and cunning, Satan is only a creature “subject to the will and authority of God.” John Paul II, inPublic lecture on August 20, 1986He affirms that “the history of humanity can be considered a function of complete salvation, in which is written the victory of Christ.”

John Paul II: Good will triumph

If Satan operates in the world because of his hatred for God and His kingdom, then this is permitted by Providence, which directs human and world history with power and goodness. If Satan's work certainly causes great harm – of a spiritual nature and an indirect physical nature – to individuals and society, then he is unable to abolish the specific goal at which man and all creation aim, which is good.

“The Church participates in Christ’s victory over Satan,” Pope Wojtyla concludes. Even if earthly history continues to be distorted by Satan's deception, every believer is called to “fight for the ultimate triumph of good.”


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