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The Chosen One: Sydney Sweeney Desperately Tries to Save Herself in Movie Preview

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Coming to Italian cinemas on July 11th with Adler Entertainment, Immaculate – The Chosen One, a horror film directed by William Mohan that launches Sydney Sweeney as a new and effective scream queen. Here’s an exclusive preview clip from the film.

She was the star of beloved TV series like trance And white lotusIn cinema, he achieved great success alongside him. Glenn Powell in romantic comedy Everyone but youBut we are sure that after seeing Taher – The Chosen OneWe will all agree on that. Sydney Sweeney she’s perfect scream queen.
In the horror movie he signed on Michael Mohan who actually directed it in the erotic thriller PeepingThe blonde, plump American actress is very effective in the role of the heroine, a young American girl who takes her vows and moves to a mysterious and disturbing convent on the outskirts of Rome, where something dangerous and unimaginable will happen to her.
To test reliability Sweeney as the protagonist horrorWe offer you in Exclusive Preview this section to Taher – The Chosen OneWhere the hero of the film seeks salvation from a mysterious threat in the dark underground tunnels of the catacombs. The scene which is also an example of the tension that Mohan He was able to donate to his film.

Taher – The Chosen One: Sydney Sweeney in an Exclusive Preview Clip

Filmed in and around Rome, Taher – The Chosen One He sees himself involved in the cast alongside Sydney Sweeneyas well as many well-known faces from our home: from Benedetta Porcaroli to Giorgio ColangeliPassing through Simona Tabasco, My house is pedrazzi And Dora Romano.
This is the Official Italian trailer for the filmwhich will appear for the first time It will be released in theaters on July 11, and will be distributed by Adler Entertainment.:

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