May 25, 2022

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The Abundance of Data Available to Businesses

Open or accessible data is available for anyone to use anytime. This raises the question of whether there is a limit to access data or not? Open or accessible data is available to everyone, but it requires an open license to gain access. People with an open license can use and distribute open data without any restriction. That is why most open data consists of maps, mathematical formulas, and medical data.

Government, businesses, and individuals can access open social and environmental benefits data. But if you use datacenter proxies, it hides your IP address and restricts websites from accessing your personal data. Most business organizations use open data to identify opportunities. It helps them learn about market gaps while developing and launching new products. The open data helps them attract and engage their target audience.

Does Open Data Assist Businesses?

Businesses conduct data scraping to gather information from everywhere. It helps them accumulate different types of data from one location. If the data is unstructured and scattered from multiple sources, data scraping structures it and collects it in one place. There are many reasons businesses have a license to use accessible data. It brings many benefits and helps them improve their brand image in the industry.

Increases Economic Value

Open data impacts a brand’s economic value as it provides new opportunities to test the market before launching new products. Open data allows businesses to learn about their target population’s interests. This results in the creation of products that save cost.

Creates A Transparent and Versatile Platform

Open data provides experimentation opportunities during product development. So, businesses have a transparent and versatile platform to show their creativity.  The information gathered from open data also aids organizations in population segmentation. This is because it supports crucial business decision-making processes.

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Offers Diverse Business Opportunities

Access to open data offers diverse business opportunities. Using those opportunities, companies can venture into new industries. For example, they can launch new services and products. Or create improvements to boost the organization’s productivity levels.

Product And Pricing Transparency

Open data works as a feedback medium. Businesses gather feedback from customers that are not using datacenter proxies. Because proxies hide the user’s online footprint. They use this feedback to improve their service quality, product delivery, and prices.

The Connection Between API Access And Investment Opportunities

An application programming interface, also known as API, is an intermediary software. It enables communication between two different applications. Companies use APIs to share their applications’ data and functionality with:

  • Third-party application developers
  • Partnered companies
  • Other departments of their company

When companies have access to stock market data APIs, they can use real-time and historical data on recently traded financial assets in the market, such as prices of public stocks, ETFs, and ETNs. This data generates technical indicators that help build future trading strategies.

Moreover, the APIs help businesses monitor the financial market in real-time. The APIs enable companies to quickly analyze investment opportunities and make profitable decisions. These investment and client-based decisions are made through:

Real-Time Automation

APIs save time and human effort by automating regular repetitive tasks. Due to real-time automation, it is easier and quicker to make better investment and client-related decisions. APIs also instantly inform companies about market changes and what new services they need to achieve client-approved functionality. Then companies test these new suggestions in their products or services, which ensures they are scaled up.

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Access To Transactional Information

APIs offer detailed information about the company’s banks, deposits, and insurance policies. The company has open access to:

  • Account balance
  • Transaction history
  • Changes in the account’s nature
  • Advice on the tax period

This means that the companies access all this information from one platform. So, the investors can make the right decisions that are good for the company’s prosperity.

How Web Scraping Helps Gather Hard to Obtain Data?

Web scraping is the process of automatically collecting structured data. This process is also known as web data extraction and data scraping. Businesses use web scraping to gather data from public websites that do not have APIs. In some cases, the public website does have APIs, but they only allow limited access to the data. The primary reason for businesses to conduct web scraping is to:

  • Track prices
  • Check news
  • Lead generation
  • Learn price intelligence
  • Market research

Web Scraping Tools

Web scraping allows you to attain restricted data. But companies need special data scraping tools to extract information from different websites. A data scraping tool extracts information and organizes it into neat categories. This makes it easier to analyze data to be used in future projects. Many companies collect data from their competitors through web scraping tools. It helps them check the competitors’ services, products, and prices. Businesses fine-tune their marketing strategies with this information. This helps them maintain a higher position in the industry.

Web scraping tools use two ways to gather limited access information:

The Crawler: The web crawler browses the internet to index and search content from important links. After gathering those links, it passes the URLs to the scraper.

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The Scraper: The scraper locates the essential data from the webpage. Then it extracts and stores it for later use.


Businesses make good investment decisions due to access to open data. But, some websites have limited access. Thus, you need web scrapers with datacenter proxies. The proxies hide the scraper’s identity and make their traffic resemble regular user traffic.