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“Thanks to the school and the hockey team, we learned about true inclusion.”

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Good morning principal, I am writing to tell you about my experience as a mother of a 9 year old with 104 Art 3 Paragraph 3.

In recent years, I have always heard about inclusion, about breaking down barriers, and I don’t know how many times, how many times I heard these words, how many times words were different from behavior, how many times we realized that spoken words were just to say something but without anything concrete. I often thought that I no longer wanted to hear the word “inclusion” but wanted to see and experience inclusion in all areas.

That is why I am writing to you, to pay tribute to the primary school my son attends, which is part of the 3rd district of Lodi, where the word inclusion is in fact “normality”, it need not be said anymore. Because we live and breathe, diversity is valued, because fortunately we are not the same. Difficulties turn into strengths.

And applause to the “World of Sports”, since he was very young, my son has always been breathing and experiencing hockey, which here in Lodi could only be Amatori Waskin Lodi, first training with mini-hockey and playing this year in an official U-11 tournament, at the beginning The year we were worried and then in fact sport turned into sponsorship, the training sessions, the matches, the support provided by the boys from the Italian League down to the youngest teammate, the coaches who trained with them and who always managed the training sessions without variation, without discrimination, without differences in behaviour, Above all, he was always encouraged by parents and grandparents who never failed to cheer him on and always supported him; All this normality or holistic life that he lived without many words with facts and actions, allowed my son to improve in every aspect.

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That’s why, at a moment in history when we hear and read about children being excluded, being bullied, being left at home because they have difficulty going on trips or not being invited to parties, or being excluded from sports teams, it seems right to say that it is not always this way… There is a reality, beautiful facts, where a step forward has been taken from word to action, and it is right that this should be known. And so…see you next hockey season and next school year. Happy holidays, I hope more and more families get lucky.

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