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Tar imposes space again on Muslims, Alifi (Turbigo): “The Council lacks legitimacy.”

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Torbigo – Light up again in Turbigo la Controversy over allocating prayer places for Muslims. For the second time, “and incredibly quickly,” as the mayor confirms Fabrizio AleviRegional Administrative Court of Lombardy Accepting the appeal submitted by the Issa Mosque Association against the municipalityThe proposal voted on by the Council was rejected. Alifi promises to raise the issue to the national level and present it To the attention of the government.

“This is what happens to the mayor Legitimately elected by their community Which is trying to make choices for its citizens – Alevi declares today, Thursday, June 13 – The required place was designed and developed for different urban planning purposes, that is, for practicing sports: This is the reason why the municipality opposed the association’s request and so we relaunched A proposal to open a dialogue, which the Islamists never acceptedWho prefer to communicate with TAR. Opposition to the use of the sports stadium as a place of prayer was also expressed by the highest municipal body, the city council, elected by the citizens, Expressing the popular will. But here the Administrative Court intervenes and forces Muslims to use the sports field for prayer.”

“Thus the judges deny the will of the people.”

The mayor urges: “I would like to point out that on October 4, 2021, my councilor and I We were elected with approximately 61% of the vote For the people of Torbigo and in this way we have been given the responsibility to represent them and make choices, as the Constitution requires. As this one says, Sovereignty belongs to the people. Our denial rests on the truth of this very well Two orders within a few months Using a public place, in this case the Danilo Colombo Sports Stadium, as a place of worship It can no longer be considered exceptionalBut it is the actual designation of that place as a place of worship in all respects, which we believe is incorrect since that place is It is destined for something else, also from a safety point of view».

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Lightning ruling in favor of the Islamic Society

“The most dangerous thing – Alevi continues – is that this time the appeal to the Lombard TAR is being made against anyone The decision was voted on by a majority by the City Council In essence, they rejected the request submitted by the Moshe Issa Association for the reasons mentioned above. but Dates become amazing: An appeal against the Council’s decision of 27 May was submitted to the TAR on 7 June Already on the tenth day, taking into account that the eighth and ninth days are Saturday and Sunday, This has been pronounced – Obligating the municipality, while suspending the implementation of the aforementioned decision, to allow the use of sports stadiums to celebrate Eid Al-Adha. The TAR thus rendered the decision taken by the City Council invalid and ineffective of Turbigo by a majority of its members.

“As a mayor with the council and council members who represent the ruling group in the country, I express my opinion Total disappointment at what happened And to the Lombardi TAR decision The municipal council de facto confiscates its right/duty to express its opinion on some issuesSuch as granting or not granting a place of prayer, with the reasons for it, thus failing in these circumstances the constitutional right, including the power to make political choices that concern the community, entrusted to us through voting. We will bring this sad and disturbing story to the government’s attention and in the appropriate places“The mayor concludes.

Torbigo Islam Tar Alevi – MALPENSA24

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