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Spider-Man begins live-action casting for Miles Morales: Indiscreet

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According to a recent rumor, Sony Pictures has begun the casting process to find a flesh-and-blood interpreter for Miles Morales in the Spider-Verse.

According to reports from Jeff Snyderwho knows a lot about shovels, Sony pictures At this moment it had begun Selection process To find his interpreter in the body Miles Moralesa character introduced in the successful animated trilogy dedicated to his version of Spider Man in Spider verse. It all started with Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse In 2018, the film was so well received that it ranked number one Oscar As the best animated film. direct relay, Through the spider verseconquered the box office, becoming one of the most talked about titles during the year 2023. The third and final chapter, Beyond the Spider-VerseIts release date was postponed due to the actors and screenwriters’ strike, and the date of its return to the big screen has not yet been announced. Meanwhile, Miles Morales is rumored to become a flesh-and-blood Spider-Verse character in a potential live-action adaptation.

Spider-Man, does the choice of Miles Morales’ translator begin with flesh and blood?

During his last appearance with Hot microphoneSony Pictures is making some progress in trying to turn Miles Morales into a real boy, showrunner Jeff Snyder has announced. In fact, the casting process is rumored to have begun. At the moment, no further information has been revealed, as it is still a rash and will require future confirmation, so it is not clear who could play Miles Morales in the flesh or what movie it will be. One of the most popular theories at the moment is related to Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse, which could anticipate the arrival of a live-action event. Or it could be a standalone movie about Miles Morales. Why don’t we share it directly? Marvel Multiverse with Avengers: Secret Wars?

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For now, these are just theories, but they are productive for the Spider-Verse Amy Pascal They have repeatedly addressed Miles Morales’ potential on the big screen, stating that they will wait until Conclusion of the animated trilogy Before evaluating this opportunity. “One day, but not before shooting the other two films. Someday we will. We are very happy with these animated Spider-Verse movies“He said a while ago.

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