Home World Schulz and a Taurus missile error. Wallace: 'He's the wrong man in the wrong place'

Schulz and a Taurus missile error. Wallace: 'He's the wrong man in the wrong place'

Schulz and a Taurus missile error.  Wallace: 'He's the wrong man in the wrong place'

It is difficult to think of an unsuccessful declaration that would provoke opposition, but also half a majority, and even an important ally like the United Kingdom. But Olaf Schulz succeeded. And to think that he had formulated this justification also with a touch of condescension: he was astonished at having to explain something so “obvious” to the Germans. Two days ago, after months of pressure and debate, the German Chancellor finally explained his reasons for refusing to send Taurus tanks to Ukraine. Unleashing a storm that shows no signs of abating.

In fact, Schulz said that those missiles “have a very long range” and that “what the British and French were able to do in terms of controlling targets, could not be done in Germany.” He added that Berlin “must not become a warring party and German soldiers must not be linked in any way and at any time to goals that can be achieved” by Taurus.

Germany and the army against Schulz: The Chancellor denies the reasons for “no” delivery of Taurus tanks to Kiev

By our correspondent Tonya Mastroponi

Internal and external accusations

These words have already caused an uprising in the opposition and part of its majority. Both the FDP and the Green Party have publicly accused him of saying objectively “false” things. Doubts about the veracity of his statements even leaked from the German army. But now a real diplomatic crisis has erupted with the UK because Schulz has essentially admitted that London and Paris are directly maneuvering over missiles being launched in Ukraine. The comment of the head of the Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, Alicia Cairns, was very harsh: she replied that the Chancellor's words were “wrong, irresponsible and a slap in the face to allies.”

Since last year, the UK has sent Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine, and the German Chancellor's gaffe in the days when Vladimir Putin once again threatened to use nuclear weapons if NATO soldiers set foot on Ukrainian soil is angering the British, among the most resolute nations. Supporters of Kyiv since the beginning of the Russian invasion. A Defense Ministry spokesperson even took action: “The use and objectives of Storm Shadow rests with the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” he was quick to point out. In short, they are not being manipulated by London or the English soldiers. But for former Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, there is only one lesson to be drawn from this gaffe: Schulz is “the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”


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