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Science Festival 2024 – Mistakes and Wonders

Subject: Culture

From April 16 to 24


Submitted by Capitol Culture Counselor Miguel Gutor Science Festival It returns from April 16 to 24 to revive the Romanian cultural scene with a double theme that opens questions and curiosities: wonderWhich accompanies every discovery and The errorWithout which discovery often does not occur.

The festival offers events for the public with conferences and performances, educational events for schools and children with workshops and events designed especially for them, and weekends for families with activities to do together, for adults and children.

Suggested sections are: inspiration, Where music, art and literature meet science, fueled by the same elements: data, stories and communications. Visions, A place for the perspectives, the search for tomorrows, and the alternative imaginaries we can and must build to address major global problems. scenarios, The section of the festival that draws a bridge between the present and the past, and provides an overview of the world in which we live. There will be space for scientific research, historical analyses, insights into current issues, and ongoing dialogue between science and society.

They are not missing Exhibitions Which highlights many of the topics covered by the festival: Italian Satellite Road; Looking back. Condone; Wonderful nature and human errors; Shipwrecks, waste and biodiversity in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea; Urban developments and natural hazards.

Festivals in the city – The festival stays with the heart of the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone, and extends into the city to include Rome's libraries, the Bioparco, the Explora, and the Planetarium, which hosts meetings and events.

Information, ideas and programs on www.auditorium.com



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