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“Poor creatures!” And “There's Still Tomorrow”: identical message, completely different stories

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In 1982, two films, one Italian and one American, were released on the same topic: the escape of a group of persecuted people and their adventures to escape the tormentors who followed them. The Italian story takes place in the past and refers to a fact It actually happened During World War II. The other takes place in a dystopian future set in Los Angeles. The fugitives in the Italian film are farmers from a small village in Tuscany. In the American film I Replicas, human machines designed to be slaves, who must be “retired” at the scheduled end of their existence. A group of them rebels against retreating and is chased by an imitation hunter. Kill them allone after another.

The two films are San Lorenzo night From the brothers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, and Blade Runner, written by Ridley Scott. I had bitter discussions with my cinephile friends because I thought the film was written by Taviani Very straightforward and educational: The message was frank and, to me, full and clear. While Scott's films were fantasies of situations, ambiguities, and role reversals. Are the good guys really good, and are the bad guys really bad? Time, I think, You proved me right: Blade Runner It is a classic of cinema, while San Lorenzo night It has lost much of its initial luster and no one mentions it on their favorites lists.

I have had previous experience of this situation for 41 years with two films about the female condition, both for the benefit of women.Women's independence Who free themselves from the state of male arrogance and develop their potential to the fullest extent, as it should be.
One of the two films is honestWith a direct and educational message, with a cathartic ending: the chain of male violence is resolved by voting for women. Great enthusiasm. Just like in Taviani's time. I would like to mention that Paolo VillaggioBut I fear that I will be misunderstood and accused of denying women's rights. With accompanying prohibitions. The other film tells the story of the development of a newborn female brain inside an adult woman. The setting is Victorian miserable In architecture, in interiors, in fashion. The use of wide angle is masterful, as is the representation of the adult woman and the child who grows and matures during the film, freeing herself from harassment masculineEven with prostitution.

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It shouldn't be hard to figure out what the two films are about There's still tomorrow to Paola Cortellesi And Poor creatures! to Yorgos Lanthimos. The message is identical, but there is a difference in the way it is delivered Too bad. Modern Italian films, as I see them, are exactly that: “committed” films are just that Caption them, I don't know anything about others, because they usually don't attract me; With wonderful exceptions, always for me, like He panics Written by Gabriele Mainetti, and the unexpected Love and crime From Manetti Bros. Who caught the obvious with two Diabolik: the first ends with an unforgettable line: DIABOLIK, FUCK YOU, I'LL GET YOU!!! The second time I followed Toto's advice:… Give up!

Poor creatures! It was not filmed in Hollywood (although the countries of production are the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland), but in Hungary. The director and editor are Greek. whatever to forbid It's the absolute superlative (he acts intensely even with his feet), as it is Willem Davo, Frankenstein was dismantled rather than rebuilt. I looked back fondly Hanna Shigulla, Fassbinder's muse, is a beautiful, familiar-looking old lady with unusual hair and a delicate sense of humor. I had seen her name in the cast, but I couldn't recognize her, and she was 80 years old.

I'm not a film critic, I'm just a film critic Cinema lover And I'm trying to understand why I like one movie and not another. The same goes for music. I like certain music and I don't like other music: I read criticism and sometimes I find confirmation of my opinions and sometimes not. In fact, critics are unanimous in their opinion Poor creatures! a Masterpiece My desire for contradiction makes it a bit difficult to agree with the majority, but I console myself by going against the grain in Cortellesi's work, which is the subject of enormous praise and box office reward. Time will tell what happened Blade Runner And San Lorenzo night.

There are many ways to tell the same story, and there are many ways to read it. The great thing is that the two films I've liked the most recently are the opposites of how cinema is made. Repetitive minimalism Perfect daysby Wim Wenders, is the furthest thing one can get from Rococo Baroque Poor creatures!. Emma Stone's dance sign Ruffaloset to the tunes of the Star Wars Bar Band, deserves a spot on the stage with John Travolta and Uma Thurman dancing in Pulp fiction. Cinema, if done well, gets people out of the house and fills theatres, like a TV series.

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NB: Spectators Poor creatures! They stop at the exit and argue with each other. I saw it twice, once in Lecce and once in Naples, and there was a spontaneous discussion in both cases.

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