Home entertainment On Netflix, Between Choices and Destiny, a comedy that will change the way you see love.

On Netflix, Between Choices and Destiny, a comedy that will change the way you see love.

On Netflix, Between Choices and Destiny, a comedy that will change the way you see love.

Find out the review and watch the trailer of a little-known but fun romantic comedy on Netflix for a relaxing movie night.

distributed to Netflix Since January 2022There is light Italian comedy that flows without commitment. It can be considered an additional option when you want to watch a movie of this type, with a title that is not well known but could be an interesting discovery for someone.

Titled “Four halves“(“4 halves“), Directed by Alessio Maria Federici ((Stay away from me“,”Brothers only“) and production Cattleya And Bartlebyfilm In cooperation with Distribution of visionIt is based on the novel of the same name by the writer Martino Collie, here as a screenwriter. A film that aims to be a reflection of the dynamism of young people's feelings dealing with the problems and dilemmas of our time.

The main cast consists of Matilda Gioli ((Human capital“,”Mom or Dad?“), Elenia Pastorelli ((Blessed madness“,”All we have left is crime“), Matteo Martri ((Goddess of luck“,”Imperfect criminals“) And Giuseppe Maggio ((Love 14“,”Great coming and going“).

Their four personalities first engage by following the so-called rule of “Whoever is both gets along“, and then act in the exact opposite way. Poker is one of the stories in this fun-without-commitment comedy flow On Netflix against the backdrop of the DC film, it overlaps and intertwines in an unexpected way.

The questions the film wants to answer are specifically two: Do soulmates really exist? still: Is the theory of opposites attract true or vice versa?

There is no doubt that the story told is trying to show the relativity of life, as every decision made, on the one hand, opens the door to some opportunities, and on the other hand, it excludes others.

Thus the life we ​​find ourselves living represents only one of the countless lives that any person could ever live. The first taste of the answers can be gotten by looking at Tractor on Youtubewhich will also do everything to confuse viewers' thoughts.

People's acceptance of the Web is lukewarm Google 59% expressed a positive opinion about the film during its screening IMDb The score is 6.3 out of 10, and on the review aggregator website Rotten tomatoes Only the audience score is present at 37% (but the votes cast are too few to get an objective assessment).

there Plot for “Four halves“on Netflix develops through a couple’s narrative about four friends who meet while having dinner on the balcony.

There is Julia, confident and ambitious, working in high finance; Chiara, passionate and dreamer, is a doctor by profession; Matteo, sarcastic, cultured and kind, collaborates with a publishing house; And Dario, a casual lawyer who is always ready for adventures.

What is the fate of each character dealing with the dual alternatives of life and love?

Who will fall in love with whom? For which of them will create a lasting feeling, and for which of them will be just a flash in the pan?

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