Home entertainment Nani Moretti to star in Francesca Archibugi- Corriere.it

Nani Moretti to star in Francesca Archibugi- Corriere.it

Nani Moretti to star in Francesca Archibugi- Corriere.it
From Valerio Fabelli

The director leaves the camera to “Il Colibrì”: “It’s the sixth time you’ve asked me to play a role and at a certain point I wanted to say yes. It’s good to be alone on stage.”

Nani Moretti is more noticeable if… he came or didn’t come, speak or not speak? His followers were wondering about getting lost. He’s the analyst, the “former machine”, as Francesca Archibugi, a manager Hummingbird Which yesterday opened the Film Festival, starting today in theaters against 01 in 460 good copies. She revealed that it took “ten lunches to convince Nani to join the film”. Whenever there is any movie that ramps up, every role he plays is what makes the characters special.” Wearing a red jacket, he is eager to point out, “This is the sixth time Francesca has asked me to play a role and at one point I wanted to say yes. It’s nice to be just an actor.”

Platonic love (there are other themes: remorse, guilt, euthanasia) which travels from 1970 to a possible future, to 2030. The protagonist of a choral story about a not once bourgeoisie and smelling of Capalbio, about an unfinished platonic love that haunts each other for life, Pier Francesco Favino, who says of his ophthalmologist: “It is A man like so many, who if they don’t fall in love doesn’t get excited, is an often unspoken masculinity, and it’s not about the obsession with sex and I feel it. Harmony.” The wife is Kasia Smutniak, the dream woman is Bérénice Bejo. An important issue, left behind by the novel by Sandro Veronese, which was not easy to translate into pictures: “Here the bourgeoisie is told with tenderness and pity”; There is a fidelity to the narrative leaps, “It does not tell me explicitly and I may take more risks than my own, it must always be taken into account that the spectator pays and has every reason to say I do not understand.”

The witch won us in 2020The halls are deserted. “I’m apprehensive – says Archibogy – we have duties and no rights, if things do not go well, it will only be our fault, we have lost the habit of going to the cinema, and last night we were alone and my husband, so what? A collective event is it if the halls Not full if it remains a toy for thirteen-year-olds? Watching a movie, for me, is still like reading a book. I hope it doesn’t all die.” Favino joins: “Film education should be supported in some schools, and we don’t necessarily intend to teach cinema. But the films add more understanding to the themes.” Then Nani Moretti took the word “it”: “I still prefer the dining room, because I have a room that struggles to survive. In France, there is a 15-month gap between release and platforms: in Italy Zero. We need climate and laws.” The wonderful Laura Morante, mother of Favino Piccolo, forgot at the meeting: “I am the only one who has not read the book, I love this woman because I prefer selfishness to altruism, she is less harmful.”

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