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Marvel starts again with Deadpool (and Wolverine): here the long-awaited film will be released

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We know very well the period of major transformations that the world is facing.Marvel Universe. The crisis is profound and has affected the television and film sectors, but for its characters, there is still the possibility of salvation and, who knows, a return to fashion as it was in the past. Perhaps this is exactly the character dead pool Who can perform a miracle? Marvel's most reckless character, the hero of two films, is returning to the big screen once again Chapter III Dedicated to him. The release is scheduled to take place next July, but this is not the only news. In fact, the new film dedicated to Deadpool brings back the character of Wolverine, who was already seen in the film, to the big screen. Triple Dedicated to the X-Men and after the three films that tell the character's origins. The news arrives on Monday, February 12, after the trailer for the new feature film was shown during the Super Bowl in America. Immediately, the news spread across the web and spread across the Internet.

Ryan Reynolds returns as Deadpool, and Hugh Jackman dresses up as Wolverine once again. They will both find themselves sharing the screen and sharing a crazy adventure through time. Yes, because according to the first plot rumors released, this time Deadpool will have to deal with the TVA. This is the organization that fights Temporal anomalies Already known in Loki, the Disney+ TV series, which introduced TVA secrets to the audience. Now it's Wade Wilson, Deadpool's real name, who must face the consequences when he encounters one New threatHe realizes that he has to fight a danger that is too great even for him and that Wolverine's help is necessary. He welcomes his new role with the following words: “theYour little cinematic world is about to change forever. I am Christ. I am Jesus Marvel!

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The film was released under the title Deadpool & Wolverine, and was directed by Shawn Levy Movie script Edited by Ryan Reynolds himself, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Wendy Molyneux, and Lizzie Molyneux. We will see Hugh Jackman again as Wolverine, while Matthew Macfadyen will be present as Paradox, a high-ranking TVA agent. Emma Corrin will play the role villain The main character of the film is Cassandra Nova. The audience loved the film because it was an action story without fear politically correctDreams of giving a new luster to the world of superheroes.

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