Home entertainment M3GAN, the horror doll is ready to terrorize again in a life-sized model!

M3GAN, the horror doll is ready to terrorize again in a life-sized model!

M3GAN, the horror doll is ready to terrorize again in a life-sized model!

M3GAN was one of the most popular horror films of the last movie season, and now it looks like the horror doll will be able to scare fans once again… in a life-sized model!

M3GAN It was one of the most successful horror films of the previous cinematic season: the terrifying artificial intelligence doll was a huge success at the box office and soon after its release in cinemas. The sequel was announced immediately. And now, thanks to ingenuity NECAa company that produces and distributes action figures and toys, you can have itdirectly to your home, Life-sized M3GAN dummy!

M3GAN, the horror doll returns to the world of horror with a life-size model

The film is directed by Gerard Johnston and stars Allison Williams And Violet McGraw, stars Gemma, creator of M3GAn, a life-sized doll programmed to be a reliable playmate for children and an assistant for parents. When her sister and husband died, they left her 8-year-old niece, Cady, in her care jewel It's the opportunity to test out his new project, and work side by side Cady to M3GANWithout suspecting that the angelic appearance of her doll hides something devilish.

M3GAN 2.0 It was announced immediately after the release of the first film, in the wake of the film's overall success, that a sequel would be released. May 2025as revealed Collider. Although at the end of the first film it seems so M3GAN has been neutralizedThe doll can use WiFi and Bluetooth to expand her terrifying powers. With a budget of just $12 million, the film grossed over $180 million worldwide, becoming one of the best-reviewed horror films of all time: Rotten tomatoes In fact, it has an impressive 93% positive reviews.

In addition to being intimidating on the big screen, the… Game The killer will also be able to terrorize fans of the horror genre, thanks to the replica Life size Provided by NECA. This is a model that faithfully reproduces the Model 3 Geneative Android (M3GAN), equipped with a movable endoskeleton, movable eyes, and synthetic hair identical in every way to those seen on screen. The created doll is also equipped with accessories The outfit in which we saw the killer doll represented in the movie: Pink dress with striped shirt and blue tie.

This is not the first promotional product dedicated to the killer doll, which has become the hero of a series of collectible commercial models, and it was only a matter of time before that NECAwhich has already produced several life-sized models of characters such as Batman and Deadpool, decided to create the most realistic version of the scary doll.


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