Home science Kalinda: “I haven’t changed my mind, Conte is a populist.” But there is no longer room for third-party candidates.”

Kalinda: “I haven’t changed my mind, Conte is a populist.” But there is no longer room for third-party candidates.”

Kalinda: “I haven’t changed my mind, Conte is a populist.”  But there is no longer room for third-party candidates.”

toMaria Teresa Mili

Labor Leader: “The Democratic Party will change, otherwise the Five Star Movement will eat it up.” “I never said we would be part of any broad field.”

Carlo Calinda, now you want to do Extensive alliances of regionalists. Has he changed his mind about Conte?
“But whenever you want. I think Conte is a populist, he was a terrible prime minister and I don't share his ideas, from super bonuses to waste-to-energy plants, not to mention foreign policy. I never said we would be part of any broad field. We did not form a government with the Five Star Movement when there was no Ukrainian issue, let alone now. The sentences that Conte said the day before yesterday on television about Ukraine are immoral. I just got back from there. At the front there are a million people defending their freedom, and what Conte should do instead of saying nonsense… – and writing nonsense… please – on Zelensky's clothes, is to pick up his clutch and travel thirty hours to go to Ukraine because he is talking about a story “Literally nothing is known about her.”

But he will also make an alliance with Conte.
“But we already did that. Abruzzo has a high-quality civilian candidate, the rector who relaunched the University of Teramo and restored the transport company. Shouldn't I support him because five stars support him? What I mentioned is that we will not continue to support third-party candidates. After six regional elections, there is a lesson to be learned: the one-round electoral system does not allow for a third candidacy. We support D'Amico in Abruzzo just as we do Ucciotto in Calabria, a good, moderate, pro-European liberal governor. This is the criterion by which we decide and will decide: competence, honesty and democratic values. No more nominations for testimony.”

Conte says you don't support D'Amico.
“Another piece of nonsense,” he said. Azione has its own menu as does Italia viva. For Renzi and Conte to compete to deny the obvious is ridiculous. You can't lie to voters. “If there is a good, independent candidate, we support him, and this is true with a center-left or center-right coalition.”

Do you keep two ovens open?
“There is a unique furnace of its kind that will be opened in Italy, which is the efficiency and capacity furnace. Alliances should be made on the basis of the qualities of the person and the programme, and the premise is clearly the sharing of core values ​​with the candidate. Let me explain: I could never support a fascist, a psycho or a populist.”

In hindsight, would he have supported Todd?
“Todt, whom I congratulate on his victory, has a political line similar to that of Five Star and Conte and is opposed to energy and physical infrastructure, something Sardinia desperately needs. I will give you an example: without a gas tanker, the aluminum center in Sardinia would be closed, but since the Five Star Movement is against this, it will not happen. For me this is crucial. In this regard, I would like to address an appeal to the Democratic Party.”

The Democratic Party celebrates…
“What, Conte’s victory? Give him the platform. If they had accepted Soro's request for a coalition primary, we could have had a greater victory and a closer candidate. Self The Democratic Party continues to impose its conditions on the Five Star MovementConte will eat him. On the other hand, if he has the strength to find serious, reformist candidates, we will be there.”

Is Sardinia a defeat for Meloni?
“The reason appears from this vote Risk of harm: Selecting inappropriate people for reasons of belonging to MSI or Atreju. That's why he has a paralyzed government team. Either Meloni will evolve and understand that she has to choose based on competence, not loyalty – and that she can't give the speech she gave in Cagliari, in which she mocks half the country, because she is the Prime Minister – or she will get hurt. . The arrogance that has punished more competent prime ministers will put her on the rocks and, unfortunately, take the country with her.”

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