Home sport Italian Hockey League, Game 5 of the quarterfinals will determine the semifinals.

Italian Hockey League, Game 5 of the quarterfinals will determine the semifinals.

Italian Hockey League, Game 5 of the quarterfinals will determine the semifinals.

It's the final act of the quarter-finals, you can't go any further: Varese-Veltregacio and Berghain-Como The two spots will be contested which will determine the four teams qualifying for the semi-finals of the Italian Hockey League. Whoever wins the first match will face Appiano, while he will face Caldaro in the second match. In the event of a tie in the 60th minute, as it is a decisive match, a 20-minute five-on-five extra time will be played before any penalty kicks. Both matches start at 8:30 pm.

The fifth chapter between Varese and Veltri with the teams that arrived having witnessed a completely different series so far. An excellent start for Veltrini's side, who took a 2-0 lead, was then canceled out by a Lombard comeback that took the series to game five. In the clear 5-0 win on Saturday, the Mastiffs lived up to their potential with an effective game in attack and able to give very few chances to their opponents. Opponents who want instead to return to the sarcasm as in the first two episodes, but to do so will have to respond to the intensity that Varese will certainly put on the track. However, like all decisive matches, it is reasonable to expect a duel played out in detail, where the performances of the goalkeepers as well as the management of special situations make the difference. Having seen it all in the first four games, with comebacks and lost advantages, it will be a fiery Game 5 at the Acinque Ice Arena.

A similar speech to Berghain-Comeau, another match that concludes a series capable of providing great emotions so far. Trentino's team arrives there after saving itself in the last round away from home, while Como's team, despite wasting a match point at home, showed that it is capable of winning on the opponent's ice. After three goal-laden games, the fourth game was very close as evidenced by the 1-1 draw in the 40th minute, with one second before both defenses held up well. Then in the long run, Berghain had the upper hand, but Massimo da Rin's team remained open to the possibility of hoping for a very strong position. A high-scoring match is possible, considering also that in the fifth match in ten days both teams can certainly pay the price for accumulated fatigue.


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