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Inter-Torino 1-0, Warming: “I was surprised by this space. At first it was difficult”

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A hero’s statement at the end of the San Siro match between the Nerazzurri and the grenade

At the end of the Inter Torino match, valid for the 19th day of the First Division, Magnus Heating He made the following statements to the microphones of the Turin Canal: “I was surprised to enter the field but I am happy that the coach believed in me and made me play for several minutes. I am also happy that my teammates made me feel comfortable when I entered.”

The Danish striker continues to talk about entering the field: “I only thought about how to help the team by taking advantage of my speed. I prefer playing as a winger because I’ve been there for many years, for me being a striker is a relatively new role but it’s not a problem, in fact I’m really enjoying it.”

Warming is measured by season: “So far I’ve learned a lot about Italian football and little by little I’m getting better, I have to thank my teammates who helped me develop and improve every day. I feel good, at first it wasn’t easy to adapt but little by little I always find myself more comfortable. “.

About Turin Warming says: “It’s a beautiful city, with great food and lovely restaurants. I don’t miss my country very much, but it’s nice to come home for Christmas.” for its following objectives: “I want to improve every day and play more and more, I want to improve to help the team.”

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