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VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2007 -- John Masters Organics, manufacturer of exclusive, high-end, professional hair care and skin care line is pleased to introduce the latest product in the skin care line, Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil.

Widely recognized as a nutrient-rich, general health elixir, pomegranate has recently been touted for its amazing skin care benefits when applied topically. Pomegranate packs uber-antioxidants in the form of polyphenols - healthy plant chemicals - including anthocyanins (which make pomegranates red) and tannins (which give them their tart taste).

Recent studies reveal the power of pomegranate seed oil to stimulate the growth of keratinocytes, which promote cell regeneration and slow epidermal thinning. Additional studies outline pomegranate fruit extract's ability to prevent UVA radiation damage.

New Toronto Florist Donates 100% of its Profits to the Community

Fund Flowers is a new Toronto charity organization that has come up with an innovative concept to help schools, churches and many other nonprofit groups to raise money effortlessly. Essentially what they are promoting is that by purchasing flowers, plants, balloons, chocolates, gift baskets and other gifts from them you are also helping your own group and the community to raise money for their cause. 10% of your total sale is donated back to your group of choice and all remaining profits are donated to organizations that have made a difference in the community. They recently launched two online websites. One for 'Groups' where the coordinator can order items for their own fundraising events and the other for 'Supporters' where anyone can shop online for gift delivery worldwide.

Finding Local Business Online Just Got Easier

Canadian business and classified directory targets local search for communities across the country.

The Canadian Office for Applied Research Studies (COFARS) has launched an online directory to help bring together Canadian businesses and consumers. The directory can be found at and includes more than 60,000 listings for 500 communities across the country.

Victoria-based COFARS is a think-tank founded in 2003 to study issues in Canadian business. The group focuses mainly on topics and trends related to small business and the Internet. The online directory is intended to fill a niche that the group identified through its research.

Significance of SSL and Digital certificates for e-commerce Industry.

SSLGenie (Global SSL Certification Authority) is a leading Internet security expert and provides E-commerce Security Solutions. SSLGenie is the most affordable SSL available with 99.3 % browser compatibility.

Digital certificates are used with the most popular security protocol on the Internet. Now a day, most of the e – commerce sites use this digital certificate to keep their customers valuable information safe and secure.

Secure Sockets Layer, which is also known as “SSL certificates”, is the standard security technology for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Before the introduction of SSL it was difficult to ensure privacy over the web in online transactions. Digital certificates are used with the most popular security protocol on the Internet. Without this encryption, packets of data travel networks in full view. The secured socket layer (SSL) technology provides strong encryption of HTTP packets during their online transfers through the World Wide Web. Thus, in order to encrypt a SSL certificate from a trusted certification authority like SSLGenie is necessary to ensure the online security. Before SSL and digital certificates, there was a general fear in the online buyers that an individual’s credit card information could be picked up by a third party and misused for unauthorized purchases. comes out in support of management in Shawn Hlookoff contrac, the nations leading online music placement service has dropped Vancouver based recording artist Shawn Hlookoff’s song catalog from its current catalog and will not offer representation until ongoing contractual disputes are resolved.

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August 20, 2007 Trading Symbol: CDB.TSXV / C6K: Frankfurt

Cloudbreak Resources Ltd. ("Cloudbreak") announces that it has granted 250,000 incentive stock options at an exercise price of $0.12 per share until August 19, 2012 subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange Inc., to Bloomberry Capital.

Business Planner Software for professionals.


Multi-Purpose Business Planning Software.

Newly launched Business Planner software aims to help managers and business people to make more informed business decisions.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. August 07, 2007 - Geldman Computers Systems Inc. is pleased to announce it’s nomination as exclusive distributor of Planium’s Business Planner software in Canada.

Business Planner is an advanced multi-purpose business planning software for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Proprietary new technology significantly increases energy efficiency of Flash Dr

Canadian Co. Flash Drive Direct designs new flash drive technology that lowers power consumption by over 50% hopes to see business's around the world adopt the technology in an effort to save millions of kilowatts.

A significant breakthrough in Flash Drive technology has set flash drive design and manufacturing house Flash Drive Direct on a course for greater energy efficiency's in their line of drives.

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