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Atreus Selects Engate Technology for Preemptive, Connection-level Anti-Spam Press Release - San Jose, CA - Nov. 14, 2007 - Engate Technology Corporation, a leading anti-spam supplier and pioneer of next generation network profiling and connection management security solutions, today announced that Atreus Systems, the leading supplier of telecommunications provisioning systems, has deployed Engate MailSentinel to preemptively stop new and evolving botnet threats from entering its network. Atreus chose Engate to eliminate the catch rate issues and high frequency of false positives that they were experiencing with its previous anti-spam solution.

According to Lawrence Chiabai, head of IT at Atreus Systems, the company's former anti-spam solution catch rates decreased to 70% with high incidences of false positives as new threats such as image spam, pdf spam, phish and botnet attacks began to overwhelm employee's inboxes. The increasing volume of spam was slowing Atreus network traffic, wasting storage space, and straining IT resources as they were constantly being diverted to manage their spam and false positive issues.

Going Beyond Managing Only Environmental Crises

Creating the necessary conditions for a sustainable and secure future, understanding and managing human affairs in sustainable, secure and peaceful ways. Press Release - Ottawa, Canada - November 12, 2007 - The Institute for Human Conceptual and Mental Development (IHCMD) announces the release of its report "Beyond Managing Environmental Crises: Creating the Necessary Conditions for a Sustainable, Peaceful and Secure Future."

The report, going beyond conventional measures and understanding of the ecological crisis set out in a recent series of high-profile reports, discusses creating the conditions necessary for a sustainable and secure future. Dealing with environmental problems at the human level, in terms of how we understand and manage human existence and development. Not addressing them only at the socio-cultural level, in political, economic, scientific and technological terms.

SR&ED STAVES OFF foreign competition! Press Release - A general machine shop had seen their business falling off due to foreign competition. With annual sales of about $4.5M, they saw a need to stay competitive. The SR&ED Tax Credit program helps manufacturers to recover research and development costs.

At first they were skeptical as they thought they had to wear lab coats and preform complex testing, which proved not to be the case. The annual cash return of $400k and $600k/yr., has been used to maintain the latest state of the art CNC equipment. This process has allowed the company to stave off foreign competition by maintaining their technologically advanced status in an international market.

Breast Cancer Conquered Without Toxic Drugs

New website provides information on treatments that selectively target cancer cells.

Fabrizio Taliano MD, Ph.D., senior oncologist and surgeon, is an Italian research scientist, who is bringing a revolution to the field of breast cancer care. Dr. Taliano states in no uncertain terms that any breast cancer treatment that does not carry its anti-cancer substances into the cancer cells in a selectively targeted fashion, particularly when those substances are toxic to normal cells, should be declared illegal, and should be abandoned. Considering that virtually all standard treatments in conventional medicine use non-targeted and highly toxic chemotherapies, Dr. Taliano's statement indicates that the medical establishment is using wrong and harmful protocols in its treatment of breast cancer.

YourTechOnline Leads Effort to Provide TechSupport for HIV/AIDS Relief in Africa

(Kelowna, B.C. October 23, 2007) Inc, PC Magazine Editors' Choice award-winning provider of 24-hour-a-day online technical support, announces its plan to bring technical support and infrastructure advancement to the HIV/AIDS relief and child education crisis in Africa. The first organizations to be supported by this program include the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) in Cameroon, Africa and the Gembu Centre for HIV/AIDS Advocacy Nigeria (GECHAAN) in Nigeria, West Africa.

Through this initiative, will train nationals over the Internet to support networks and workstations in three major hospitals, 62 health centers and 128 schools under these organizations' control. will also provide 24/7 online support for key individuals throughout these organizations all at no cost.

Savvy business planning, astute "heads up" to potential pit falls

Good advice and one on one coaching leads to global expansion.

TORONTO - OCTOBER 2007 - When Peter Bedard, Senior Partner of People First, an Organizational Development Consulting Firm, checked his company's 2007 bottom line, he was astounded. His company had increased profits from $70,000 to $450,000. PF, a firm that helps clients realign their business environment to maximize profits and employee satisfaction, had exceeded Bedard's expectations. Heeding advice from his Managing Partner, Maurine Seguin, his company increased their client base in record time. With this strong financial position, Bedard now plans to expand into the global and virtual marketplace.

Finally, a simple web site to help Canadians locate automotive services and empl was launched in August 2007. This is a simple, user friendly, web site for all Canadians to find local automotive sales, services and employment opportunities. was created and designed by Porber Inc.. The design concept was conceived to eliminate the frustration of trying to locate automotive services such as, auto mechanics, auto body shops, new car dealers, used car dealers and auto parts facilities, in a specific geographic area anywhere in the country with accuracy. The web site is very simple to use and has a very simple look, but the design process to create it was very lengthy. During the design process, concerns were raised by members of the automotive industry that no national standards were available for them to recruit potential employees. From this industry input, a national (automotive industry only) job bank was added to the web site.

Follow Your Bliss - Fair Trade Holiday Shopping

Bring in the season with a visit to Follow Your Bliss; where unique, 1-of-a-kind imports from far corners of the earth are bought and sold with global and environmental conscience. Follow Your Bliss products are purchased through Fair Trade agreements, with respect and mindfulness to the artisans & craftspeople who produce our exquisite crafts, clothing, accessories, and ritual items. In turn, Follow Your Bliss offers customers fair business policies, values, and ethics.
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