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International Crew Selected for Mars Analogue Research Training in Utah Press Release - Mars Society Canada (MSC**) is pleased to announce the selection of the crew for its fifth mission in the Exploration Mars Analogue Training Series (ExMATS). Expedition Epsilon is scheduled to commence its two-week mission on February 16th 2008 in southern Utah at the International Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS).

MDRS supports field studies for research about Martian exploration by providing an environment that is geologically and topographically similar to Mars. MDRS is one of a several stations offering researchers the opportunity to carry out their work in a remote, Mars-like environment to better understand how people will be able to live and work effectively on the Red Planet.

OpSource Delivers Web Application to Support Litigation Involving Electronic Evi

LitSoft Chooses OpSource On-Demand for New LitScope Review Platform Press Release - Santa Clara, Calif., January 28, 2008 -- OpSource, the SaaS delivery experts, today announced that LitSoft Inc., a leading eDiscovery software and technology innovator, has chosen OpSource On-Demand to deliver LitScope, the electronic discovery industry's first Web 2.0 electronically stored information (ESI) review platform. LitScope will enable LitSoft's law firm and corporate clients to use any main-stream Web browser, running on any main-stream operating system, to access its documents from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available. LitScope includes many advanced features such as full Unicode support, search-based batching, a review management dashboard, and many others, all packaged in an extremely intuitive Web 2.0 interface and backed by 24/7 end user support via dedicated toll free phone.

"We chose OpSource after an intensive review process," said Steve Jreige, CEO, LitSoft. "Several companies met our most basic requirements, including a data center that was local to our northern Virginia office and provided Statement on Auditing Standards Number 70 (SAS 70) Type II compliance. But what really separated OpSource was some of the more specialized services it offers, especially 24/7 support for our end-users, which was very critical to us. And OpSource offered a breadth of technical expertise that far surpasses its managed hosting provider competitors."

EarthCalm EMF Protection Products available from Canadian Retailer

EarthCalm EMF Protection Products are Now available from A Canadian Retailer at

EarthCalm products provide the most powerful protection from Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) available anywhere. These products have been in use for over 15 years by consumers, therapists and practitioners in the United States. Products purchased from this site are delivered to the consumer usually within 4 days of ordering. Canadian consumers are now able to order these products without the hassles of cross-border shipping. Not only is shipping now Canada based, but Canadians now also have a local representative to contact for assistance and information.

Eight Canadians Head to Utah for Research In Support of Human Mars Missions Press Release - January 18, 2008

Mars Society Canada (MSC) is preparing for its fourth Mars analogue training mission in their Exploration Mars Training Series (ExMATS). Expedition Delta (ExDelta) is scheduled to take place from Feb. 3rd to Feb. 16th, 2008 in southern Utah at the International Mars Society - Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS). ExDelta's all-Canadian eight-person crew will be the 66th crew to conduct Mars related research activities at the MDRS facilities.

The MDRS is a facility intended to support Mars analogue field studies. A Mars analogue is any environment that has features similar to what is found on Mars (in terms of geology and topography). MDRS is one of a series of stations offering researchers the opportunity to carry out their work in a remote, Mars-like environment to better understand how people will be able to live and work effectively on the Red Planet.

Daily Care for Eczema the Key for Successful Management

New Disease Management Program Arms Patients Press Release - January 22, 2008 (Thornhill, ON) - New help has arrived for Canadians living with eczema, just in time for the season that causes patients particular difficulty; winter. Galderma Canada Inc. today announced the launch of a Disease Management Program, Eczema Daily Care, a resource which will help patients understand their disease and instruct them on the ideal ways to manage it.

The key is education and early detection.

"It is imperative that patients educate themselves on eczema and understanding what causes their disease to flare, and take proactive measures so they can avoid or detect inflammation," states Dr. Mani Raman, Dermatologist, Vaughan, Ontario. "Recognizing the first signs of an eczema flare is very important because treating a little itch or a few bumps is a lot easier and takes a lot less time than treating a big flare."


Our CEO got fed up seeing so many business start ups fail in Canada.

After five years 80% of all start ups fail. So he asked the Corporate Secretary Miss Marcie M. Farsea to write a tell all book about running a profitable business in Canada. 427 pages later the job was done!

Combining humor, insight and common sense the book will appeal to businesses of all sizes and in order to protect the innocent it is offered in a novel format.

How does a USB digital frame work? Flash Drive Directs educational series

As part of the ongoing educational series presented Flash Drive Direct this week we hi-lite the basics of how a digital picture frame works.

In North America there is a 16 Billion dollar promotional products industry. This massive industry is serviced by nearly 1000 suppliers of everything from pens to Porsches with a logo on it and is sold by over 70,000 unaligned non-exclusive sales reps referred to as promotional products distributors.

Recording Artist Melanie Dekker, bids adieu to California based Label

Recording Artist Melanie Dekker, bids adieu to California based studio and record label, Sonoma Mountain Entertainment and Zabit records.

"It has been nearly 2 years since my record, Revealed, was finished and for a number of reasons the project was more or less stillborn. It is a very cool record however Zabit records and Sonoma Mountain Entertainment and I have gone separate ways. It feels good to move forward," saidĀ Vancouver, Canada based recording artist Melanie Dekker.
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