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Our CEO got fed up seeing so many business start ups fail in Canada.

After five years 80% of all start ups fail. So he asked the Corporate Secretary Miss Marcie M. Farsea to write a tell all book about running a profitable business in Canada. 427 pages later the job was done!

Combining humor, insight and common sense the book will appeal to businesses of all sizes and in order to protect the innocent it is offered in a novel format.

How does a USB digital frame work? Flash Drive Directs educational series

As part of the ongoing educational series presented Flash Drive Direct this week we hi-lite the basics of how a digital picture frame works.

In North America there is a 16 Billion dollar promotional products industry. This massive industry is serviced by nearly 1000 suppliers of everything from pens to Porsches with a logo on it and is sold by over 70,000 unaligned non-exclusive sales reps referred to as promotional products distributors.

Recording Artist Melanie Dekker, bids adieu to California based Label

Recording Artist Melanie Dekker, bids adieu to California based studio and record label, Sonoma Mountain Entertainment and Zabit records.

"It has been nearly 2 years since my record, Revealed, was finished and for a number of reasons the project was more or less stillborn. It is a very cool record however Zabit records and Sonoma Mountain Entertainment and I have gone separate ways. It feels good to move forward," said Vancouver, Canada based recording artist Melanie Dekker.

New Pet Food Manufacturing Company Receives EBC Status from BC Gov't.

The Pet Deli is pleased to announce some very exciting news. Press Release - Galbraith's Gourmet Pet Foods Inc. has received Eligible Business Corporation (EBC) Status under section 28.2 of the Small Business Venture Capital Act. The EBC status is a new investment option designed to promote capital investments in early stage companies and was established under the Equity Capital Program by the Ministry of Competition, Sciences and Enterprise in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. This program is ideal for investors that want to be actively involved in the growth of small business throughout BC, and offers companies the same benefits as a Venture Capital Corporation (VCC).

Investors may now receive a 30% tax credit for every dollar they invest in The Pet Deli, which entitles them to a 30% tax deduction off of their personal or corporate tax return. This gives the investor a great tax saving and a low cost investment stake in a dynamic new pet food manufacturing company with a high potential for excellent capital gains profits. Investors may claim up to $60,000 in EBC tax credits per year on a $200,000 maximum investment that can be carried back to a prior year if purchased within the first 60 days of the year, or carried forward for future years. Investments may be a little as $10,000.* If the investment is combined with self-directed RRSP contributions, investors' tax savings could range to an additional 22- 43.7% depending on individual tax brackets. The table below highlights the possible savings levels: Every potential investor's situation is different or unique.

Gain Ultimate Health & Create Residual Wealth In 2008! Press Release - Live Long And Prosper With America's Best Proven & Tested Scientifically Formulated Personal Health Product & CopyRighted Compensation Plan - This Time, Pay Backs For Real!

The network marketing world right now is being totally rocked by GBG's Copyrighted Compensation Plan and cutting edge 10-N-One Liquid MultiFormula. Hundreds each week across the continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto and Canada are catching the wave and flocking to sign up and taking advantage of this new lucrative home business venture to gain ultimate health and create residual wealth for themselves and their family.

GBG's 10-N-One Liquid MultiFormula is a scientifically, proven and tested personal health supplement product that has been in the making for sometime and surpasses other health supplement products on the market today by a land-slide. It consists of 10 vital life sustaining formulas in one 32 oz bottle. It really tastes delicious. Unlike multi-vitamin pills and tablets, it absorbes in your body within 3 minutes and you consume only one liquid ounce per day for complete, balanced energy, and nutrition. It contains real super foods, NO fillers, zero calories, zero net carbs, zero trans fats, no sugar and is safe for diabetics.

The Wrath of Zar - Debut novel from Canadian Author Shayne Easson Press Release

WestBank Publishing is proud to announce the debut novel from Canadian Author Shayne Easson

The Wrath of Zar

The exciting character-driven first novel in the Demons of Destiny series by novelist Shayne Easson has created a buzz with reviewers and fans of epic fantasy. Book enthusiasts are quickly discovering this rare new talent.

From the November 15th Issue of the Library Journal: "This fantasy debut by Calgary native Easson launches a saga of war and treachery where demons threaten all that is good, and a few stalwart heroes must prevail against them. A good choice for large SF collections or where epic fantasy is popular."

No New Years Diet! Food Addiction Could Be the Real Problem

There is an ongoing debate about the reality of food addiction. In the meantime more people are becoming obsessed with food and weight!

The addiction model of dealing with food obsession can help heal the epidemic of compulsive eating and obesity.

Next Generation HR Solution for Generation X Y Boomer Employees Press Release - CALGARY, ALBERTA
Let's face it! The era of nervous candidates promoting their qualifications to an employer for a desired job has passed. Companies are in the unenviable position of selling themselves as the employer of choice to quality talents in short supply.

Savvy employers are implementing modern HR strategies to create an edge in the battle for best talents. These strategies include flex benefits, flex time, and job sharing, to name a few. Other companies are subsidizing the cost of gym memberships, providing on-site daycare, and most recently, lifestyle management services (aka concierge services).

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