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Bill C51 Shocked A Canadian Citizen Off His Couch Press Release - In Bill C51, we find the Canadian government quietly conspiring with big drug industry against Canadian citizens. And they are close to getting away with it. But it is not too late...

The whole of Steven's email and the comment he included with his signature when he signed a petition against Bill C51 has been reproduced for you below.

As ambassadors of peace, Canadians are prone to complacency when in fact there are times, however uncomfortable it may be, when loud and rigorous action is the right thing to do. Read the following email and see what you think.

Sitemasher Launches Comic Strip to Illustrate Website Pains Press Release - Sitemasher's "Web of Pain" addresses struggles with traditional website design and content management systems.

Sitemasher takes a novel approach in debunking the myth that building and managing websites has to be painful by spoofing traditional methods in its comic strip "Web of Pain," officially launched this week.

Meet Sam, Ned, Vinny and Zoe, four characters who are in constant conflict trying to get websites built, running, and updated ? yesterday! ... replicating an all-too-common scenario that plays itself out in companies worldwide on a regular basis.

Canada keeps the peace, poisons the planet

Canada's troops give their lives to protect the poor in one country while politicians fight for the right to continue exporting toxic waste to other poor nations.

The war in Afghanistan wages on and our soldiers believe they are there helping build a better future for the impoverished citizens. Many of our brothers and sisters in Canadian uniforms have died for this belief and few people would claim that defending the vulnerable is a meaningless act.

Collect CME Points - At Home and Abroad! Press Release - Physicians have to obtain points and prove their further education. "Continuing medical education" - is the magic word. But to start off, the most important questions for the physician are: Which events are taking place? How many points can I collect at which event? Where can I stack up my CME points account? For many physicians, visiting congresses, seminars and courses abroad has become a welcomed alternative.


Why would you close a growing website attracting thousands? Press Release - CEO Ron Battiston of announced that one of Canada's most unique websites has now been closed and converted to an E-book. Like every website this one had been built up from a concept and had reached its peak with thousands of visitors from across Canada and around the world. The website was unique in that it uncovered examples of BS in Canada and offered a better approach.

When it reached over 100 topics we realized it had reached its peak in terms of development. Without Editors, Advertisers, Political or Special Interest Groups demanding political correctness the site was able to tackle a diversity of topics that could simply not be covered by the traditional media.

Woo Designs and Jannex glams up greeting cards in Canada

Woo Designs greeting cards and stationery now exclusively available in Canada through Jannex Enterprises Ltd. Press Release - TORONTO, Ontario - Woo Designs Inc., designer and producer of handmade greetings and stationery with a fashion flare announced that their complete line of stationery will now be available exclusively in Canada through Jannex Enterprises Ltd.

How to Recognize the Early Signs of Institutional Accumulation and Distribution

June 25th - 4:30 PM EDT WebEvent presented by Michael J. Di Gioia of MJD Trading Education and Services

By the time a stock forms a linear trend on the daily timeframe—and novices begin looking to buy pullbacks and breakouts—professional traders are often already positioned.
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