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Beware - not all e-recyclers are created equal Press Release - Barrie, Ontario -- As director of a small e-waste reuse and recycling company in Barrie, Ontario I feel it is necessary to educate my fellow citizens of the difference between using a legitimate e-waste recycling organization and "e-vultures" who see the emerging industry as a way to make a quick buck.

Green is a trend for some companies. To me green is increasingly becoming a part of life.

It has come to my attention that some computer companies and independent consultants advertise that they too offer computer recycling services. Some of these business people see the “green" bandwagon as a way to pad their bottom line - simply discarding what cannot be resold or salvaged and using the lure of “green" as a way to bring more customers in the door to sell more stuff.

The Opus - The next level of The Secret?

The Secret was undoubtedly one of the best selling personal development books of all time. In the wake of it's success it left many unanswered questions, especially in the mind of critics. Is this new Age invitation to higher thinking practical, responsible and effective? This film featuring the return of many of the cast delivers those answers and so much more!

Meet the Team at The Montreal Women's Show on April 4 to 6

MONTREAL, QC, APRIL 3, 2008 -, the bilingual online magazine for Canadian women, will be an official exhibitor at The National Women's Show in Montreal on April 4th to 6th.

The public will have the opportunity to meet the team behind Canada's Online Women's Magazine. Members of the Editorial Department will be on hand to answer questions, talk about the magazine and give their expert opinion on topics such as fashion, beauty, health, wellness and more.

Can we trust the OES?

What has been omitted from recent articles about Ontario's new WEEE plan is information about the proponents of it. The plan was created by OES members who are backed by big business.

When a company creates a problem, should we trust them to provide the solution? When an oil tanker spills, should we trust the oil company to clean it up?

GOOD LIFE LIVING GREEN MAGAZINE - Inaugural Issue - Spring/Summer 2008

GOOD LIFE LIVING GREEN magazine is a Canadian National "consumer lifestyle and business magazine", that will appeal to anyone who is interested in taking a mainstream approach to green and environmental issues.

Our mission is to "Inform & Inspire" so you can lead healthy, sustainable lives, while reducing your overall footprint.

Trustifi Partners with Engate Technology for Advanced Network-Level Anti-Spam Press Release - San Jose, CA - Engate Technology Corporation, a leading anti-spam provider and pioneer of next generation network profiling email security solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Trustifi, a leading Identity Solutions Provider (IdSP). Under the agreement, Trustifi will market and support Engate's network profiling anti-spam products for enterprises and SMBs.

Miss Pakistan World Competes in Miss Tourism Queen International 2008

Miss Pakistan World 2007, Mahleej Sarkari travels to China to compete in the 4th largest beauty pageant in the world, Miss Tourism Queen International. Her travels come with mixed support from a struggling Pakistan, but with the hope of breaking down stereotypes.

In Zhengzhou City, China, 128 young ladies from around the globe are representing their country at the 4th largest International beauty pageant in the world - Miss Tourism Queen International. The pageant, which is in its 59th year, aims to promote tourism while celebrating entertainment and fashion from around the world. The 3 week long event will bring ambassadors from across the world together for a lesson in cultural unification and diplomacy.

Nick Usborne publishes his first Rituals Guide to support freelance writers Press Release - MONTREAL - Freelance writers and copywriters often struggle with their work habits when working from home. As with all knowledge workers, writers rarely work within any formal production process. And, at the end of each day, it's hard to determine just how productive or successful one has been. To address these issues, and more, Nick Usborne is publishing a series of guides aimed at helping writers and copywriters work more effectively and increase their income.

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