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News » Nova Scotia

The Atlantica Party Calls for a Referendum on Clearcutting

Clearcutting on crown land has been a contentious issue for years in Nova Scotia. Advocates point to the economic benefits of clearing tracts of the forest while opponents decry the damage done to forests and the resulting eyesore of large patches of wasteland.

Successful Applicants to National Edition of PHOENIX Music Executive Development Program Announced

Fifteen music entrepreneurs from across Canada have been selected for the highly regarded PHOENIX Music Executive Development Program to be presented by Music Nova Scotia.

Local Pet Food Innovator Expands

Totally Raw Pet Food, a dynamic and growing east coast company, is celebrating the opening of their third store on October 13th, and is inviting you to the special event.

Women’s Wellness Within Launches Doula Training Partnership

Women’s Wellness Within (WWW) is a registered non-profit organization that provides support, education and advocacy for criminalized women and transgender individuals who are pregnant or parenting young children in Nova Scotia.

Second Wave of Nova Scotia Music Week International Guest Delegates Announced

Since the inception of Nova Scotia Music Week (NSMW) in 1997, the music community has gathered together to participate in a range of business training and networking opportunities, celebrating and advancing Nova Scotian artists and industry professionals.

Halifax Chamber to host panel on cannabis legalization

On Wednesday, July 11, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce will welcome a panel of experts at the Cunard Centre for A Cannabis Conversation: What your business needs to know. Registration will begin at 10:30 a.m. The panel will begin at approximately 11:10 a.m.

T. Thomason wins 2018 Casino Nova Scotia Artist in Residency

After a rigorous judging and evaluation process Halifax-based T. Thomason has won the title of Casino Nova Scotia’s Artist in Residence, including $20,000 in funding for career development.

Self-Regulation Experts Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins Coming to Halifax

Self-regulation experts Dr. Stuart Shanker, and Dr. Susan Hopkins will be Halifax on May 17 and 18 to host events that will help teachers and mental health professionals understand today's most pressing issue in children's education and mental health: rising levels of excess stress. "Recent advances in developmental neuroscience are dramatically altering attitudes towards the possibility of maximizing the educational potential of every child," says Shanker, founder and CEO of The MEHRIT Centre. "We now understand that the better children can self-regulate, the better they can rise to the challenge of mastering complex skills and concepts."

Women’s Wellness Within: Annual General Meeting

Please join Women's Wellness Within for our first ever Annual General Meeting on Wednesday April 25, 2018.

Greco Pizza launches NEW Online Loyalty Program

Greco Pizza announced today the launch of their new online loyalty program. Club Greco Online is a loyalty program that allows customers to earn 1 point for every online purchase over $10.00 or more, 10 points = Free 12” Pizza.

Greco Xpress Now Open in Hantsport, NS

Glooscap First Nation Gaming Facility Gets Pizza to Go!


In his role as Chair of the Judicial Council, Chief Justice Michael MacDonald announced today that the independent committee appointed last fall to consider complaints against Provincial Court Judge Gregory Lenehan has completed its review.

Nova Scotia embraces the boom at the Silver Economy Summit

The Department of Seniors and the Halifax Chamber of Commerce will host the fourth Silver Economy Summit at the new Halifax Convention Centre, March 6-7.

Ok – I’ll Admit that I’m Confused Now

Official Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia Press Release

This is a reply to the Opinions release of Grant Frost in the Chronicle Herald on March 1st 2018

Halifax Chamber to Host Rick Hansen at Distinguished Speakers Series

On Thursday, February 8th, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce will welcome Rick Hansen, Founder & CEO, Rick Hansen Foundation, who will present Removing Barriers and Unleashing Potential over lunch at the Westin Halifax. Registration will begin at 11:30 am. Hansen will take the stage at approximately 1:00 pm

Halifax Chamber and Audience to Hear Regional Plan Update from City

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to hosting a luncheon with Halifax to hear an update on the city’s regional centre plan on Tuesday, January 30.

Import Replacement: Local Prosperity for Rural Atlantic Canada - A two-year study uncovers the possibilities.

Opinion-Article by Robert Cervelli, Executive Director, Centre for Local Prosperity, NS. Canada. The Centre for Local Prosperity launched a 2-year project to explore the potential for import replacement in Atlantic Canada, particularly in small, rural communities. Import replacement is an economic development strategy that seeks to produce locally those goods and services that are currently imported into a community or region. This strategy is seen as a way for local communities to become more resilient, prosperous, and stable.

Goodwill Bot in Support of Women’s Wellness Within

On February 5, 2018, Good Robot Brewing Company will donate one dollar for every pint poured to Women’s Wellness Within!

Atlantica Party founder cuts ties with party - New Interim Leader Appointed

After more than 10 years of struggling to build the Atlantica Party, Mr. Jonathan Dean finally realised success in 2017 when the party ran 15 candidates across Nova Scotia in the provincial election. Then, on January 2nd, unexpectedly Mr. Dean announced that he was stepping down as leader and leaving the party.

Statement from Jonathan Dean to the Electors of Nova Scotia

To the Electors of Nova Scotia

A statement from Jonathan G. Dean

Atlantica Party Leader resigning

We are saddened to announce that our Founder and Leader, Jonathan G. Dean, informed us on January 2nd that he intends to step down as Leader. He will also be resigning from the Party Executive, leaving the Association and turning in his membership. This will be completed by noon Wednesday January 10th, 2018. He has graciously offered to stay on as Leader until then to assist the party and he will remain informally available as needed.

NSLC going to Pot

Atlantica Party Response to Government distribution of Cannabis through the NSLC.

Eimskip advances to weekly callings and feeder sea service at Port of Halifax

Icelandic carrier Eimskip has announced a short sea feeder shipping service between the Port of Halifax and Portland, Maine.

Halifax Partnership Launches Amazon Bid Website

Halifax Partnership is pleased to introduce Halifax’s Amazon HQ2 bid website.

Atlantica Party Executive Retreat

This weekend in Springhill Nova Scotia, the Atlantica Party held its first executive retreat.

Women’s Wellness Within calls on CSC to reverse unfair restrictions on prisoners at Nova Institution for Women

Women’s Wellness Within is a non-profit organization that provides volunteer support to criminalized women and trans individuals who are pregnant or parenting young children. We advocate for access to housing, income, resources and health care.

Halifax Partnership Announces Winners of 2017 Game Changers Awards at Gala

The Halifax Partnership is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Game Changers Awards, recognizing exceptional Halifax employers and Connectors who demonstrate leadership in hiring youth, providing meaningful experiential learning opportunities and inspiring others to take action in retaining youth.

Halifax Chamber & Halifax Partnership to Host Mayor Savage at State of the City Event

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce and the Halifax Partnership are pleased to host Mayor Mike Savage for a luncheon on Wednesday, November 1 at Casino Nova Scotia. Mayor Savage will take the stage at approximately 12:30 pm.

CKDU-FM named Halifax Pop Explosion Scene Builder

CKDU-FM has been named the 2017 Halifax Pop Explosion Scene Builder. The award was presented to the station as the festival kicked off its 25th anniversary last night at the Marquee Club in Halifax, NS.


Healthcare Reform Another Step

Another Step to Correcting Healthcare.

International Art Collaboration to be Celebrated at the Discovery Centre

Tonight, the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) is celebrating the Rørpost Art Exhibition, an international art collaboration between Halifax, Canada and Esbjerg, Denmark, at the Discovery Centre.

A Terrible Budget

Don't be misled, this is a terrible Budget!

The Liberal government reintroduced their 2017-2018 budget yesterday. It was first introduced in April, but died when the election was called a few days later. The Status-Quo is going through it's standard responses - The Liberals say the budget is great and both Mr. Baillie and Mr. Burrill complain about this and that.

Music Nova Scotia Forms Partnership with Urban Music Advisory Board

As part of an ongoing effort to increase engagement and support for underrepresented music communities and genres, Music Nova Scotia has entered into an exciting new partnership with a collective of local urban genre artists and industry professionals. The Urban Music Advisory Board provides Music Nova Scotia with the necessary advice to better serve the urban music community.

Chamber supports balanced budget, reduced tax burden

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce was pleased to see a balanced budget for the second term in a row, contributing to the province’s fiscal sustainability.

Let's elect our own Premier

The Atlantica Party supports direct election of the Premier as part of our Democracy Revolution, a campaign of democracy reform. This means that on election day you would vote for your representative and vote for a Premier.

Healthcare Reform – A First Step in the Journey Forward

Healthcare, the biggest item on our provincial budget (over 40%), is one of the most important and contentious issues in our province today. The system has become a monolithic bureaucracy rife with inefficiencies, gold-plated management and wasted taxpayer dollars. It is a monumental disaster with an executive that has no strategy for improvement or reform, as pointed out by Dr. Harry Pollett in his recent article “Scrap the Canada Health Act”.

Open Letter to the Forgotten 79%

We want to be your voice!

Where’s Waldo - I mean, Stephen McNeil?

Where is Stephen McNeil on the Trudeau Tax Increases?

Regulation of Gas in Nova Scotia – A Good Idea?

Why are gas prices going up in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia Music Week Women in Music Conference Program

Women working in the music business will be the centre of attention during Nova Scotia Music Week (NSMW) this November 2-5 in Truro, Nova Scotia.

FUSE Festival celebrates Nova Scotia’s diversity through dance

New cultural dance event marks Canada Day with free performances on Halifax Commons.

The National Youth Orchestra of Canada to perform free concert in Halifax

NYO Canada (National Youth Orchestra) has announced that free tickets for their first concert in Halifax in more than a decade are now available at

Destination Halifax announces major changes during Canada's Tourism Week

As of today, the Halifax region’s Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), formally known as Destination Halifax, has changed their name and brand to Discover Halifax, along with a brand new business strategy and fresh programs.

Nova Scotia Provincial Election Results

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate Mr. Stephen McNeil on his re-election and would also like to congratulate new and returning MLA’s.

Atlantica Party on Legalized Marijuana

With the target date of July 2018 for the legalization of recreational cannabis looming, it is essential for Nova Scotia to be prepared for this change.

Atlantica Party will return the liquor industry to Nova Scotians

The Atlantica Party will bring the Nova Scotia liquor industry into the 21st Century by having government vacate both the retail and wholesale liquor business and turn it over to the private market.

Election 2017 The Atlantica Party will make Nova Scotia MLAs Recallable

The Atlantica Party will make Nova Scotia MLAs recallable as part of its Democracy Revolution. Recall allows a by-election to be triggered by constituents via a signature program and cannot be blocked by anyone including the Premier and the parties. The sitting MLA can run in the new by-election. Nova Scotia’s recall legislation will be modeled on BC’s Recall. Nova Scotia will become the second province in Canada to adopt Recall.

Atlantica Party on Education in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotians overspend for the education their children receive. Nova Scotia educational spending is up 25% while enrollment has dropped 17% over ten years; that adds up to a spending increase of over 40% per student. Yet we rank mediocre to poor in reading, science and math outcomes. Clearly more spending is not the answer. We need to change our educational paradigm.

Atlantica Party on Health Care in Nova Scotia

Our health care ideas are larger and more sweeping than the Status-Quo Parties; we need to reform the system.

An open letter to Nova Scotia's media

Some media outlets are excluding the Atlantica Party and/or the Green Party from leadership debates, forums and other coverage. Here at the Atlantica Party we have also encountered exclusions based solely on our policies or perceptions of our policies; actively working against the party in a biased and unprofessional way. Time to speak out.

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