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World Toilet Day Spotlights GFA’s Life-Changing Provision of Basic Facilities

Global focus brings attention to GFA's efforts to improve health and well-being by helping provide simple essentials.

Civil Society Women Propose Saudi Arabia Release Activists

Seeking the Release of Human Rights Defenders RINJ Makes an Extraordinary Offer to Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

FREE former University of British Columbia student (Canada) Loujain Alhathloul

Simple Story of Village Reconciliation Offers ‘Pathway to Peace’ for Divided World

GFA World (formerly: Gospel for Asia) shares example of reconciliation to mark International Day of Peace and inspire more peacemakers to prayer and action.

RINJ Women Warn of Crisis: Urging Calm Stand Down in Idlib

Bashar al-Assad Crosses deadly line in the sand if he 'Exterminates' Civilians in Idlib.

RINJ Foundation Nurses help Civilians flee from Idlib Syria under Russian Bombing attack

Important Nuclear Security Progress Now in Jeopardy, According to 2018 NTI Index

After years of progress on nuclear security, the fourth edition of the NTI Nuclear Security Index finds that the steps countries have taken to reduce the threat of catastrophic nuclear terrorism are jeopardized by a deterioration of political stability and governance, an increase in corruption, and the expanding presence of terrorist groups around the world. The 2018 NTI Index also finds that many countries remain poorly prepared to defend against rapidly expanding and evolving cyber threats to nuclear facilities.

Women's Group prods Trump/Kim: Global Nuclear Disarmament

Trump & Kim have the key to Global Nuclear Disarmament: They Talk

GFA Makes ‘Loaves and Fishes’ Appeal for Help in Kerala State Flood Relief Efforts

Desperate need inspires sacrificial giving, as GFA-supported teams work through night to assist government officials ready emergency supplies.

Palestinian civil society groups issue statement on Labour Party IHRA antisemitism row

A coalition of Palestinian civil society groups today released a statement urging the UK Labour Party and trade unions to reject the “biased, anti-Palestinian” IHRA definition of antisemitism which seeks to conflate antisemitism with criticism of Israel.

RINJ Women Threaten end of House of Saud if MbS Kills Israa

House of Saud under threat not to kill Israa.

This is Israa-al-Ghomgham and the Saudis want to kill her because she demonstrated on behalf of Shi'ite Muslims but Saudi population and the House of Saud is Sunni Muslim

Nationwide Prison Strike Press Conference: Statement

Statement regarding the ongoing Nationwide Prison Strike issued August 22, 2018, Day 2 of the strike.

Women's Civil Society Group RINJ Offers Yemen Peace Plan

"It's a simple, straightforward interim plan for peace, while certain details are ironed out."

The RINJ Foundation offers straight forward peace plan for Yemen.

Salmon farmers celebrate five years of collaboration

“The Global Salmon initiative was a game-changer when it launched, but we never anticipated the level of impact it would have, not only on salmon farming, but on the food sector as a whole,”-  Jason Clay, Senior Vice President, Food & Markets, World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Hong Kong’s GSR Capital signs mega deal with fake news peddler

Court ruling forces conspiracy theorist Patrick M. Byrne, CEO of online retailer, to pay over a million dollars for the lies he published about a Vancouver businessman.

RINJ Women Challenge 3 Countries on Yemeni Child Slaughter

Graves for school children bombed by Saudi Arabia Air Force
More sadness and mourning in Yemen following the massacre of children in a school bus by Saudi Arabia bomber jets in a country labelled the worst humanitarian disaster. Rows of graves prepared for school children bombed by Saudi Arabia Air Force on 9 August 2018. ~ Photo by Naif Rahma / Reuters

Greatest Human Rights Issue’ Means the World Has Four Slaves for Every Prisoner

GFA World calls attention to human trafficking in major new report, as it continues to care for some of the victims.

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