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Canadian Transforms Rock-Paper-Scissors into a Comic Book Planetary War

Indie publisher Zelpha Comics has transformed the well-known hand game Rock-Paper-Scissors into an all-out planetary-war comic book series featuring anthropomorphic versions of the famous hand gestures.

Realistic Warp Drive Development Featured In Poster At Space Event In Toronto

The International Astronautical Congress, happening in Toronto through October 3rd, has a poster worth checking out, especially for Trekkies. Voyager I - In The Zone: Who Says Interstellar Travel Is Impossible? authored by Dr. Edythe Weeks with contributions from her Interstellar Travel Meet-Up Group, features a plan for testing a different kind of warp drive system - in 2016.

Evymama to be visited by giant breast truck

It's true: A truck with a giant sculpture of a human breast on top will trundle through Toronto today, March 23, and on it's path will stop to make a "proclamation" at Evymama, 266 Jane Street, at approximately 10:45. 

Piracy Enters a Whole New Dimension as Humanity Gets One Step Closer to a Brave New Post-Scarcity World

On Monday, January 23, 2012, Swedish company, The Pirate Bay (TPB) - an illicit file sharing site which currently hosts more than 3.5 million .torrent files and magnet links, including electronic files, software, multimedia, and computer games - added a new category to its repertoire: "Physibles".


Genetics Researcher Says Queen Elizabeth's Real Parents Were Brother and Sister

After publishing a report on systematic incest within the British Royal Family, a genetics researcher from Canada has released additional details, including the shocking allegation that Queen Elizabeth's parents were King George VI and his sister, Princess Mary, the Princess Royal.

The World's Most Dangerous Website

While it may be hard to believe, a genetics researcher from Canada is on a campaign to convince the public that the world is being run by royals descended from survivors of the Ancient Kingdom of Atlantis. Sound impossible? Give the evidence a chance and you might join the growing number of fans of what's being called The Most Dangerous Website in the World.

Bill Gates' Biological Parents Were Nobel Prize Winner and Lady Scientist

After proving that movie stars are bred from other movie stars, Canadian genetics researcher Susan Maureen Brandt is taking on the complicated world of billionaire scientists.

More Hollywood Baby-Switching Shockers: Macauley Culkin's Dad Is Russian Dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Bette Davis Is His Grandma!

A research project that began as an attempt to prove wild conspiracy theories wrong is continuing to reveal the widescale baby-switching and incest that goes on in Hollywood. Harry Potter actress Emma Watson is now known to secretly be the daughter of actors Brian Dennehy and Bonnie Bedelia (not Greta Scacchi, as previously thought), who acted together in the film Presumed Innocent, released the year of Emma Watson's birth. Amazingly, that makes Emma the granddaughter of another child-fantasy star, Judy Garland, who played Dorothy in 1939's The Wizard of Oz.

Legally Blind Photographer A Finalist In a National Photography Contest

Tara Miller from Winnipeg, Manitoba entered this image in the 2011 CNIB Eye Remember Photography competition. The contest was open to the general public all across Canada.

Tara was the only legally blind photographer to be short listed into the final 5, when the voting was opened to the general public. The voting has now closed and the winner will be announced after July 5th 2011.

British Royals Secretly Adopt Showbiz Babies?

As ridiculous as it may sound to normal people, the British royal family is claiming other people's children are their own. And a prominent genetics researcher says the errant parents are famous movie stars.

Mentalist's Simon Baker says he's "proud" and "knew about" secret parents Mitchum and Angie Dickinson, links to old Hollywood and "great-grandmother" Isadora Duncan

In a statement released today, Australian actor Simon Baker, currently on a break from filming CBS' hit TV show "The Mentalist", says he's "not surprised" by the news that a genetics researcher has revealed his parents to be Hollywood actors Robert Mitchum and Angie Dickinson. Baker has also acted in films.

UFO Digest Canada Welcomes Canadian UFO Reports

According to one of Canada's best known UFO submission websites, The Vike Report Into The Paranormal, ( Brian Vike has posted the following: I finally have had enough of one guy who has ticked me off. I won’t post any Canadian sighting reports.

UFO Movies Online Promotes Discussion of Sci-Fi Movies!

Dirk Vander Ploeg is excited to announce that his website UFO Movies Online ( has been completely redesigned to give visitors a fresh modern look and includes a new backend that allows members (membership is free) to login into their accounts and post comments regarding reviews of box office and other movies on the website.

UFO Digest Launches Canadian Website

UFO Digest is one of the most popular UFO and Paranormal websites in the world (according to Its publisher Dirk Vander Ploeg was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario and he is excited to announce the launch of his newest website - UFO Digest Canada. This country is and has been in the forefront of UFO disclosure for decades and the purpose of this new website is to spotlight Canadian UFO sightings and investigations including providing video and photographic proof of the phenomenon.

Re-launch of Coincides with Sighting of South Bay Bessie

Dirk Vander Ploeg is pleased to announce the re-launch of his website, This popular website is part of the UFO Digest family of websites that have recently been redesigned to promote the integration of reader feedback and social media into the information contributed on the website. This re-launch coincides with recent communications with an eyewitness to South Bay Bessie, the Lake Erie monster.

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