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EMPOWER Health Answers Call to Help Canada Conquer COVID-19

Launching - Canada’s COVID-19 Navigator on anniversary of WHO Declaration of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. is THE website to visit for Canadians to check holiday hours of pharmacies and clinics open this Holiday Season

Empower Health is a digital health innovator in Canada that has launched to help reduce hospital visits during the holiday. Canadians can easily look for a pharmacy, medical clinic, medical lab, or COVID19 testing centre. By providing accurate and up-to-date hours, checking which nearby pharmacies & clinics are open is very easy to do.

Akcea Therapeutics Canada Confirms Letter of Intent with Pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance for TEGSEDI™ (inotersen injection)

Akcea Therapeutics Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of Akcea Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKCA), announced that it has concluded its negotiation with the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) with a Letter of Intent regarding TEGSEDI™ (inoterson) for the treatment of stage 1 or stage 2 polyneuropathy in adult patients with hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis (hATTR)1. Akcea Therapeutics, Inc. is a majority-owned affiliate of Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Double heart and kidney transplant recipient reveals secrets to survival during difficult times in new book

Double heart and kidney transplant recipient tells of his enduring trials in his new book, Roasting Karma. The Peterborough, Ontario resident goes deep into the thoughts and motivations that helped him survive repeated challenges which also include the loss of two spouses to breast cancer. Through it all, he develops a positive attitude towards life and shares a roadmap for anyone facing dark times to do the same.

El-Rayes Foundation offers an ONLINE Support program to Help Cope with the anxieties and worries associated with Covid-19 Pandemic

El-Rayes Foundation announced today that it will be offering an Online Community Support Program (through its H.R. Mental Wellness Centre) to help the community cope with the psychological effects of the current Covid-19 pandemic and to better protect themselves from this invisible enemy.

Kersey Kickbox Workout Goes High Tech

Kersey Kickbox Fitness Club becomes the first and largest SMART Kickboxing gym in Canada, with an exclusive partnership with Impact Wrap. This technology platform will level up the members workout with data proven results.

Solution for Pre-diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Gain as Featured on WebMD

Type 2 diabetics, pre-diabetics as well as people who are overweight do not have to live with their condition anymore. There is now evidence based solution which was even featured by WebMD on their website as well as in WebMD Diabetes magazine.

iCARE Home Health Welcomes New Chief Operations Officer

Antoinette Larizza M.A. has accepted the role of Chief Operating Officer at iCare Home and Health in Oakville, ON.

International Day of Yoga Celebrations

On December 11, 2014, the 193 member United Nations General Assembly established 21 June as "International Day of Yoga” by consensus with a record 177 co-sponsoring countries. In its resolution, the UNGA recognized that Yoga provides a holistic approach to health and well-being and wider dissemination of information about the benefits of practicing Yoga for the health of the world population.

The Ear Depot Expands its Services to a Fourth Clinic

The Ear Depot has always strived to promote better hearing health by making professional hearing services easily available to all.

A Citizen's Strategy to Reduce the Shortage of Doctors in Canada has announced plans to create a database for international doctors to register an expression of interest to practice medicine in Canada. Currently Canada has openings for several thousand doctors from coast to coast, especially family doctors.

Woman Shares Her Story and Starts a Movement in The Silver Lining of Cancer

The Silver Lining of Cancer, a collaborative book bringing together 13 Women from across North America, reached Amazon BestSeller Status in both the US and Canada. This book was created to positively impact the lives of people who have been diagnosed with cancer, and their families. If even for a moment they can go to that place of hope, believe that a positive outcome is possible, and maybe even find a way to smile, then the authors in this book will have made a difference.

Le 16 avril sera la Journée nationale de la planification préalable des soins

Le fossé des devinettes peut être comblé par une simple discussion.

April 16th is National Advance Care Planning Day

April 16th is National Advance Care Planning (ACP) Day in Canada. We are reaching out for your help to raise awareness of the importance of Advance care planning for all Canadians.

I would be happy to chat with you about the campaign, and can put you in touch with local or regional researchers and experts who can help with a story. We have a list of ACP champions (group of experts and professionals) across all provinces/territories that could be speakers in radio and television interviews if that's possible.

We also have a campaign awareness short video featuring Walter Gretzky speaking about the importance of advance care planning for him and his family.

Advance care planning is a process of refection and communication in which a person who is capable of making decisions expresses their wishes regarding their future health and/or personal care. This year's awareness campaign theme is "They know me well".

Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you!

Therapeutic Touch, 3rd Annual Awareness Week, Try it for yourself. May 6 - 12, 2019

Therapeutic Touch Awareness Week runs May 6-12 with exciting events scheduled throughout Ontario.

Port Alice Residents Fight for Emergency Health Care

Photo Images by David Love Feb 25-2019


"We're taking away your hospital emergency room and replacing it with a communal bath tub," hit a painful nerve with Dr. Henderson, saying the Vancouver Island Health Authority's (VIHA) decision is "ridiculous." The fight continues with Port Alice residents attending a recent community meeting with health authorities. The meeting, scheduled on Feb 20th from 6 - 8 pm, went overtime to 8:40 with many still wishing and unable to express their concerns.

téléassistance senior | Nouvelle génération sans abonnement

MEDIWALK : Nouvelle génération de téléassistance qui implique le réseau familial : Solutions bracelet alarme, sécurité, bip alarme pour sénior. Sans abonnement

Copper - the secret ingredient to pain relief and The Worlds Best Cream

WBC carries a line of copper-based pain relief products and aromatherapy bath salts all using natural ingredients. Founded in 2009, all products are made in Canada and contain copper for its many health benefits. The copper elements can be easily absorbed by the body and work toward treating problem areas, not merely masking symptoms. WBC's pain relief products are Health Canada approved and contain a Natural Product Number.

New Hearables Line for Hearing Health in Canada

Alango's Wear & Hear line of personalized hearing devices to be distributed in Canada by hearing supply and healthcare consulting company, Client Management Services (CMS).

To address the needs of the millions of people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss worldwide (who are not currently benefiting from hearing aids), Alango has incorporated its field-proven digital sound processing technologies into a line of affordable, wearable consumer electronics devices that provide personalized hearing enhancement to the wearer. The result: a new product line under the brand name "Wear & Hear".

Police Officer And #MeToo Survivor Join Forces To Talk Cannabis : Local Politicos Asked To Attend

Sherry Bennett has a disturbing #metoo story. She suffers from PTSD after an attack by a medical professional. In Richmond Hill next week she teams up with a Police Officer who shares his own PTSD story. Other professionals join them on stage to prepare an audience for the impact of legalization one week away.

Deb Crowe’s 1st Annual Women’s Self Care Conference

A nourishing day of movement, nutrition and balance for the body, mind and soul.

Unqualified AFO Providers Raise Concerns for Patient Safety

Orthotics Prosthetics Canada (OPC) is aware of providers that are inadequately trained and rendering custom ankle foot orthotic (AFO) treatments. OPC feels compelled to issue a warning to the public, health professionals, as well as private and public payers.

Allied Market Research ranks Let’s Nurture as a top player in Healthcare App Market

Allied Market Research, a global market research firm recognises Let’s Nurture as one of the leading solution providers in Healthcare industry.

Toronto Writer Shares Experience of Living with Multiple Sclerosis in New Book

In his new book, Toronto-based writer, Paul Lima, reveals his experiences of living with Multiple Sclerosis. Lima recounts his battle, and those of others, with the chronic illness, and shares stories of diagnosis, treatment and support.

National Conference Coming to Niagara Falls to Investigate Myopia Intervention and Prevention

COVT&R's 3rd Annual National Conference Coming to Niagara Falls to Focus on Improved Patient Outcomes and to Investigate Myopia Intervention and Prevention. Myopia, also known as "nearsightedness", has reached all-time highs across the globe.

Neurological Reorganization Now Available in Canada

For the first time, Neurological Reorganization, a non-invasive, drug-free, movement-based program that can enhance emotions, behaviours, motor skills, and learning abilities is available in Canada. NeuroVision Therapy today announced Canada’s first two Certified Neurological Reorganization (NR) Practitioners, Alexandra Lily and Dr. Coralee Mueller.

UWinnipeg research aims to identify resistance to breast cancer treatment

A simple test could improve the treatment odds of patients diagnosed with breast cancer, thanks to new research at The University of Winnipeg.

Dean Reddick

Employee at Saskatchewan medical rehab supplier is first Canadian to receive CRTS® certification

Jason Kelln, sales manager with PrairieHeart Mobility in Regina and Moose Jaw has received the Certified Complex Rehabilitation Technology Supplier®, CRTS® designation from the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS) based in Texas.

How to Have Your Best Sleep Ever

How to fall asleep faster, stay asleep and wake up refreshed is a frequently asked question.

Pathway of Alzheimer’s degeneration discovered

Finding is key for future treatment and earlier diagnosis.

Nerium SkinCare presenta Nerium Fit, un kit especial de belleza integral para este verano

Nerium SkinCare, Inc., filial de Nerium Biotechnology, empresa estadounidense dedicada a la investigación, formulación y fabricación de productos de cuidado de la piel, lanza para este verano un kit especial de belleza integral.

New OTC Cold Sore Treatment

A revolutionary next-generation over-the-counter cold sore treatment that can speed heal one in as fast as 2 days or prevent one from appearing.

Don’t Celebrate Summer with an Eye Injury!

Summer is finally on its way and with it plenty of opportunities to celebrate beginning with Canada's birthday on July 1st. The Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (EPSO) want to remind Ontarians to exercise caution and safety when handling fireworks and especially sparklers.

La jeunesse éternelle est désormais possible grâce au photorajeunissement ​Forever Young BBL™ ​de la clinique Elna Esthétique

Le traitement par larges bandes de lumière Forever Young BoadBand Light (BBL)™ est une technique offerte à la clinique Elna Esthétique de Montréal qui repousse les limites du vieillissement de la peau. Innovante et révolutionnaire, elle permet de ralentir le vieillissement de la peau au niveau cellulaire, là où aucun autre traitement non invasif n'a pu agir jusqu'à présent.


Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) is excited to announce the launch of its newest on-line patient education course: JointHealth™ Education Advanced Therapies for Inflammatory Arthritis.

Over 40,000 Canadians rally to find a cure for type 1 diabetes

Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF aims to raise $5.4M to accelerate research.

Anxiety, Depression, Fear & PTSD Are All Signs of a Strong Mind

Almost 5% of the world's population suffers from mental health issues[1]; In an exclusive speaking engagement on May 26th, at Chapters Belleville, Michelle Vickers shares how people can overcome all of them.

Michelle was born with rare and extraordinary gifts, which gives her access to knowledge that goes far beyond current scientific and medical understanding. She is revolutionizing how people become free from their pain and suffering with staggering results.

Thérapie de remplacement de la testostérone (TRT)

À partir de 35 ou 40 ans, le taux de testostérone des hommes baisse d'en moyenne 1 % par an et cela est normal. Cependant, certains hommes ont un taux de testostérone plus bas que la moyenne des hommes.


A new national funding agency, Mental Health Research Canada announced its newly-appointed Board of Directors at its inaugural Annual General Meeting on May 14th in Toronto, ON.

MyAbilities Workplace Solution to be offered by leading Ergonomics Firm

Workplace injury prevention and return to work solution by MyAbilities is partnering with a leading Ergonomics consultant, Options Incorporated, to deliver the latest in ergonomics solutions.

World Congress on Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Medicine 2018 is organized with a global pathology of bringing together eminent pathologists and share their experience related to the various disciplines of pathology; and help emerging Pathology, Laboratory Medicine professionals and students to better diagnosis and treatment for diseases and disorders.

Dementia Care 2018

Dementia Care 2018 is an annual gabfest which glazes the entire range of research in Dementia and Dementia care and shares the various encounters of different treatment methodology. It is the platform for all the innovators, researchers, organizations, scholars to discuss and exhibit the recent advancements in the treatment, care and management of Dementia and it also brings together the researchers to dissertate novel drug discovery, technical development in care methods, on-going clinical trials, end of life issues and organizational development.

New trends and advances in drug delivery technologies at Drug Delivery Summit 2018

Pulsus Group host of World Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit, the Conference that discusses the Advanced trends in drug delivery technologies.

Nerium SkinCare presenta en Monterrey su línea de productos auténticos Nerium Advanced@

Nerium SkinCare, Inc., filial de Nerium Biotechnology, empresa canadiense dedicada a la investigación, formulación y fabricación de productos para el cuidado de la piel, anuncia el lanzamiento en Monterrey de la nueva línea de productos auténticos Nerium Advanced®que contienen ingredientes innovadores para el rejuvenecimiento de la piel.

New Momentum is Necessary to end this 'sickening agony’!

'Chilling' Special Report Spotlights Need for New Push Against Enduring Global Health Threat

International Doctor to visit Chatham-Kent for Symposium

Do you know a child suffering from anxiety, obsessive compulsive symptoms, food restriction or motor/vocal tics?

Simplifying Complex Patient Care at home with Interactive Patient Protocols

Aetonix Systems has designed and developed aTouchAway - a mobile communications and information sharing platform for home healthcare. aTouchAway is an affordable, easy-to-use application that connects members of a Circle of Care and securely shares and organizes complex healthcare information and activities.

Aetonix is proud to announce the addition of a Workflow Engine integrated with the solution that enables fully customized automation of medical protocols and workflows.

Light smokers aren’t as concerned about health risks

A Concordia study ranks young adult smokers’ reasons to quit.

Améliorez votre santé sexuelle et urologique grâce à des méthodes révolutionnaires

La clinique ELNA offre une approche innovante pour améliorer la santé sexuelle et urologique des femmes et des hommes. La combinaison de traitements multidisciplinaires permet d’offrir des soins personnalisés à chaque client.

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