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Capturing Memories: The Evolution of Photography (in 3D)

We have all seen futuristic movies like Star Wars where Princess Leia is projected as a 3 Dimensional Hologram, or Total Recall(1990) where Arnold uses his wrist hologram projector to project an image of himself and fool the bad guys; as far-fetched as these concepts sound, we are not far from these ideas being a reality.

New Research: Simulating Martian Gravity Roller-Coaster Style

A Concordia scientist gets airborne to mimic the effects of the Red Planet’s low gravity on future Mars Rover missions.

Oops! We've Done It Again!

Oxigen Apps to release Version 2.0 of General Aviation Flight Tracker.

A German-Canadian Exchange about journalism and the newest immersive technologies

With the exchange project, VR:RV, journalism and the newest immersive technologies come together to reimagine our interaction with digital society.

United in Pain: The Legacy of Loss

In the wake of so much tragic loss throughout the Caribbean, Florida and Texas, it becomes clear that what is most important is life itself.

This automated system could reduce metro repairs and save inspection time

A Concordia University PhD uses image-processing algorithms to more accurately detect damage to concrete.


Humour & Health House has released their FREE Christmas Post Card, which also OFFERS The Ultimate Christmas Gift: their FREE "CHRISTMAS HUMOUR FUN" E-BOOK Download.

30th Anniversary Fun

Everytime you celebrate a 30th Anniversary, you have accumulated:

10, 950 DAYS.

262,800 HOURS

15,768,000 MINUTES

Plus a Billion Memories, Family, Pets, Friends, & Other Stuff.

Science of Cocktails - Molecular Mixology meets the Laboratory of Libations

Think molecular mixology, snappy suits and dazzling dresses. For one night only, the Science of Cocktails will transform Science World at TELUS World of Science into Vancouver's largest cocktail laboratory of the year. Science World is inviting Vancouverites to mix, mingle and be merry, for a great cause.

Report on Lev Tahor

Lev Tahor is not the first group nor sadly will it be the last where children will suffer at the hands of an authoritarian leadership and who will see their fundamental human rights ignored or denied.

Safety Near Escarpment Areas

In light of recent incidents at both Tews and Webster's Falls, the Hamilton Conservation Authority would like to remind trail and conservation area users of some safety tips for exploring conservation areas, especially those with escarpment features.

Canada Cartage transports 90 skids of bottled water to support Project Water

Canada Cartage supports Project Water by delivering 300 000 bottles of water. Several community outreach programs were supplied with lifesaving bottled water thanks to volunteers.

The RINJ Foundation says "Consent is addictive as f*ck!!"

Sex education is needed in North American schools so that "consent" can be taught and rape culture defeated. - The RINJ Foundaton Executive Director


Help save a life this summer by practicing safe boating. Remember these 5 safety messages:

  1. The importance of wearing a lifejacket
  2. The dangers associated with drinking and boating
  3. The importance of taking a safe boating course
  4. Ensuring that you and your vessel are prepared before casting off
  5. The risks associated with a fall into cold water

APNA Toronto Offers Driving Tips

APNA Toronto is a news and information website that was launched in 2006.

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