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Call for Norm Miller PC in Parry Sound-Muksoka to wake up

NDP candidate Clyde Mobbley, asks Norman Miller to "Wake up" after PC leader Tim Hudak's million job plan comes under mathematical scrutiny.

First opportunity to form a government: Ontario Libertarian Party

For the first time ever the Ontario Libertarian Party is in a position to form a majority government. On June 13, 2014 only 5 people in Ontario could lead a majority government, including Libertarian Party Leader, Allen Small. No matter what the result, the Ontario Libertarian Party has surpassed another milestone as support for the party grows.

Garrett Clark Comedy Album May 26

Local Comic Garrett Clark Releasing Comedy Album May 26. "Boner Comedian" Available on iTunes and on Clark's website.

An invite for the PC party in Parry Sound-Muskoka to deal with those cut and heading to lower wage jobs or welfare

Parry Sound-Muskoka candidate Clyde Mobbley responds to hearing of the need to discuss job losses in Ontario.

Scientology Miscavige Narconon new Lawsuits in Canada and USA


Stunning Scientology Narconon news keeps circling the globe, and this time, even Scientology's leader, David Miscavige is named as a conspirator:

"Defendants intentionally engaged in a common plan to utilize NAFC's Certification, Mark and Logo to attract customers to Defendants' drug treatment facilities. Defendants acted in concert, agreed and cooperated to achieve such misuse and each took affirmative steps to encourage the achievement of their plan."

Atheist Conference Convenes in Kamloops

Imagine No Religion 4, a large atheist and secular conference, convenes in Kamloops, BC this weekend from May 16th-18th. Events include the Canadian premiere of Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss' new film The Unbelievers. Krauss and the director of the film will both attend.

Scientology in Canada slammed by Senator - tax victims angry

Following a news story published early this morning by Le Journal de Montréal, angry victims feel betrayed and conned by Scientology's drug rehab, Narconon Trois-Rivieres. "Bunch of scam artists", says one victim. Another said, "My parents didn't get any tax money or anything."

Les 5 secteurs les plus tendances pour l’emploi au Québec

Un bref aperçu du marché du travail au Québec.

5 Hottest Industries for Jobs in Quebec

A brief overview of the job market in Quebec from Montreal based Neuvoo.

Former Canadiens player proud to partner with Team In Training Montreal

Team In Training (TNT) announces that Georges Laraque, former Montreal Canadiens player and prominent Montreal philanthropist, will be acting as local ambassador for the Montreal Oasis Marathon. From June through September, Georges and his team will meet for group training runs to help prepare for the 26.2 mile marathon on September 28th. TNT's fall training kick-off event will take place in the next few weeks where Georges and TNT coaches and mentors will be on-site to give running and fundraising tips and support. 

Nova Scotian Organ Donation Awareness Non-Profit Announces Scholarship

The Life: Pass It On Transplant Society announces $500 scholarship to a graduating grade 12 student from Nova Scotia.

Discover the Beauty of Eastern Europe with Trafalgar

Travellers delight in springtime festivals, holidays and celebrations.

Actyl Group Clarifies Inaccuracies in Recent CBC News Report on Temporary Foreign Workers

Firm maintains strong reputation for transparency and honesty in recruiting temporary foreign workers for employers across Canada.

BMBSHL Releases 2nd Music Video "Strike" Shot In Havana, Cuba

BMBSHL is the brainchild of Edmonton singer, songwriter and producer Brenna MacQuarrie whose self titled album was released on April 15, 2014.

Actyl Group Issues Statement on Misquoting and Misrepresentation of Facts in CBC News Story

'Go Public' piece included inaccuracies on the work of the firm in recruiting skilled, hard-working international job candidates.

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