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Mission Developer Belittles Community Concerns On CBC Radio

Mission developer Dean Hodgson, misled listeners of the CBC radio program "The Early Edition" last week, with misinformation and half-truth's about his proposed gravel pit.

Healthcare: Faster & Efficient

The Ontario Libertarian Party believes that healthcare should be the responsibility of individuals and their families in consultation with their chosen health care professionals. People in need of medical care should have as many options as possible for diagnostics and treatment. To make medical care more affordable, sustainable, and accessible in Ontario, competition and innovation must be introduced at every level.

Licensing entertainers important in crime prevention

On Feb 27th the city of Brampton voted in favor to license with criminal records check entertainers who work with children, elderly and vulnerable. Brampton is the first city and will not be the last is what Councillor Gail Miles said. This license will prevent convicted criminals from easy access to children.

The Lamb Report - a predictable conclusion from a ‘cherry-picked consultant’

SRD Directors Pay Hike Unwarranted By Results

The Lamb Report - a predictable conclusion from a 'cherry-picked consultant' .... provided a Comox Valley Regional District $20,000 cookie-cutter template conclusion:

"Electoral area directors are not receiving sufficient remuneration for the board functions performed and for the time they spend performing those functions."

Yet Lamb negligently failed to enumerate and define precisely what those functions were, or their value, or document the "time spent".

Energy: Cheaper & Abundant

The Ontario Libertarian Party believes that people should be free to invest in power generation and energy transmission facilities, without coercive incentives from the government. Introducing competition to the energy industry is the key to sustainability. The competitive and innovative free market should be allowed to select the most affordable and environmentally friendly method of electrical generation. Individuals and communities should be free to choose their electricity supplier.


Photo: Scott Anderson, BC Conservative candidate, Vernon-Monashee

Scott Anderson, Chair of the British Columbia Conservative Party Finance Committee and candidate for Vernon-Monashee, says the Liberals have been dangling reform of the meat processing rules in front of voters for five years with no results.

Interview with Writer, Producer and Director Thomas Newman

Thomas Newman the creative mind behind the cult movie classic Bong of the Dead, speaks about his upcoming projects and the success he has seen thus far.

Scientology’s Narconon Arrowhead Senator Ivester Legislation Passed

Today was a milestone in the battle for safe, science based drug rehab centers and patients seeking treatment in the State of Oklahoma.

Can unlicensed entertainers who work with chidlren be a liabilty?

City of Brampton response in a news article states licensing is complicated because entertainers would work in different cities. People licensed to drive vehicles do not need a license in every city. Adult entertainers require a license which includes a criminal background check even when they go to different cities. With two cases of convicted sex offenders who were convicted again of sex crimes against children it appears more of an issue of liability without a license. Pierre Bessette and Stephen Lynn are two cases which a license with a criminal background check could of made a difference for children who are now victims.

Education: Smarter & Inspiring

The Ontario Libertarian Party believes education is the responsibility of the parents and the families of children. Parents should be free to choose the school or program that they believe best suits the needs of their children, at the best price. To make education more affordable and effective, competition and innovation must be introduced, which will allow a choice-based system to flourish in Ontario. Libertarians would eliminate the government-mandated monopolies now involved in education.

Low Turnout For Scientology Grand Opening in Cambridge Ontario

Protesters lined the sidewalk in front of the new Scientology church grand opening in Cambridge, Ontario on Saturday February 9, 2013. Four city Police Officers, two police cruisers and private security was hired by Scientology at "great expense" according to one officer. "The public isn't paying for our presence since 10:00am this morning, the bill goes to the church", stated the officer.

Canada Scientology Opening Facing Protesters Saturday

A recent Church of Scientology leaked email invites the public to attend the grand opening of a new Ideal ORG Church on Saturday, February 9, 2013 in Cambridge. Ontario. The opening will be followed by a reception and tours.

ADAM HOLLAND - Ex-Toronto Church Sea ORG Member

Anonymous protesters from Quebec and Ontario have vowed to be in attendance to help inform the public of Scientology's crimes and human rights abuses. David Love, Adam Holland, AlexM, and others will tour the crumbling downtown Church - - now under renovations, before travelling to the Cambridge new Ideal Org opening.

New Year’s Resolutions: Financial Tips for 2013

Make some financial resolutions this year. A few small changes can make a BIG impact to your financial situation.

BC Hydro/Corix Harass Ailing Couple in Forty-Three Minute Standoff

BC Hydro Smart Metering controversy reaching a boiling point!

Canadians with MS Light Years Ahead of Medical Establishment

Canadians with MS have outdistanced the self-styled MS experts in their knowledge of MS and possible treatments that are far more effective than the drugs the MS specialists push on patients.

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