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Régie du logement - Taux d'ajustement de loyer 2020 : Des taux dérisoires et des dommages de plus en plus chers!

L'Association des Propriétaires du Québec (APQ) ne peut que déplorer, qu'encore cette année, la perception des locataires face aux augmentations de loyer sera faussée.

Taux pour les travaux majeurs inacceptable

Avec un retour sur investissement de plus de 32 ans, il est inconcevable de demander aux propriétaires d'entretenir leurs immeubles et d'investir dans l'efficacité énergétique : un taux qui permettrait un retour sur 10-12 ans serait à préconiser.

L'Association des Propriétaires du Québec (APQ) revendique un changement complet de la méthode de fixation de loyer.
"Cette année, le taux est légèrement plus haut soit 3.1% mais cela ne signifie pas que les propriétaires peuvent investir en 2020. Cela veut simplement signifier que le retour sur investissement ne sera plus de 40 ans mais de 32 ans." d'ajouter Martin Messier.

Prenons l'exemple de la maison saccagée à Sainte-Calixte avec simplement des travaux majeurs à 100 000$ :
La propriétaire aurait droit à une augmentation de 235.00$ par mois.
Combien d'années pour un retour sur investissement avec les taux de la Régie? 32 ans
ET Hypothèque de 100 000$ sur 20 ans à 3.49%, le paiement serait de 578,16$ par mois

Affordable Retirement Senior Living in Bruce County Peninsula set to ease senior housing crises in Ontario

Wiarton Retirement Residence has opened a new retirement residence with an aim of alleviating retirement residence crisis in Ontario.

Maya Caron to represent Canada at Teen Universe

Maya Caron from Quebec to represent Canada at Teen Universe 2020.

Kersey Kickbox Workout Goes High Tech

Kersey Kickbox Fitness Club becomes the first and largest SMART Kickboxing gym in Canada, with an exclusive partnership with Impact Wrap. This technology platform will level up the members workout with data proven results.


Canadian Author and Entrepreneur Marty Park shares all of his secrets on mastering your business in his debut book, Tiger by the Tail.

Annie Murphy and CARE Canada call on Canadians to support girls’ rights on International Day of the Girl

Canadian Actress and CARE Canada Ambassador Annie Murphy launches Together for Her Future campaign on International Day of the Girl.

Exclusive video released showing Annie Murphy's visit to Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan.

Canadian Retail Solutions CEO launches The Wealthy Retailer™

30+ year Point of Sale provider launches a new brand to guide independent retailers to significant growth, financial freedoms and retail WEALTH.  

The Canadian-Muslim Vote Launches “Muslim Vote Weekend” with Get Out the Vote Sermons in Mosques across Canada for Advance Polls

The Canadian-Muslim Vote is launching a "Muslim Vote Weekend" Get Out The Vote campaign to get Muslim voters to the Advance Polls.

Canadian Rally Driver Mark Jennings-Bates slides on to the podium in early winter conditions

In the recent Pacific Forest Rally, Mark Jennings-Bates, the Big O Tires sponsored rally driver was hoping for a smooth event. That was not to be, and the problems continued after the event concluded.

Class action on behalf of sexual abuse victims at Collège Servite in Ayer’s Cliff

Kugler Kandestin is pleased to announce significant developments in the class action filed on behalf of sexual abuse victims by religious members of the Servites de Marie at Collège Servite.

The Canadian-Muslim Vote Launches Aliya, a Chatbot Using Artificial Intelligence to Break Barriers to Muslim Voter Turnout

The Canadian-Muslim Vote launches Aliya, a chatbot using Artificial Intelligence to increase Muslim voter turnout.

London Ontario firm lends a hand in production of NASA’s Mars 2020 rover

When NASA launches the Mars 2020 rover from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station next July, Londoner Wilson Boynton will have the thrill of knowing he played a small role in the historic mission.

This August, Boynton - the founder of Advanced Composites Training (ACT) - was invited to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at the California Institute of Technology. His task? To train engineers in the practical ins and outs of the composite materials used in the construction of the Mars rover.

Election 2019 and Owning Up to Canada’s Two-tier Tax System

No one has anything good to say about tax avoidance, specifically tax havens used by affluent Canadians.  Yet no political party or politician  is doing anything about it.  This can only change if 'average' Canadians link the federal election with the funding of Pharmacare, economic, environmental and social initiatives, with new monies via tax reform.  We need to pressure all political parties to address this scandal ...  BEFORE the October election.  

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