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Press Release: One of The Money Finder's First Students Officially Receives her CCS™ Designation!

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Before Stephanie Holmes-Winton developed the CCS™ Designation, she received a phone call from Shelley Streit. After discovering Holmes-Winton online and reading Defusing the Debt Bomb, Streit was impassioned. Press Release (02/25/2014) Halifax, NS - As she puts it, "I called Stephanie and told her, I want to learn how to do this. I want to be unique. I want to be different." The only slight problem was that Streit had to fly from her rural hometown in Alberta to Holmes-Winton's base in Halifax.

As Holmes-Winton says, "Shelley was so excited and impatient to learn about cash flow planning that she flew all the way across the country in December of 2010 before any of the training actually existed. She just wouldn't wait until I'd perfected my program. She was the first advisor to take any formal cash flow planning training through The Money Finder. I'm so proud to see it come full circle as she receives her CCS™."

Inspired, Streit went on to sell her book of business and begin her own quest to help people find the right plan for paying down their debt and taking control of their everyday spending. She says, "Before I began cash flow planning there was one point when I thought to myself, if I'm a financial advisor and I can't find help on how to get rid of my own debt, how can everyday people find the help and information they need?"

Now that she officially holds her CCS™ Designation, Streit offers cash flow planning to clients all across Canada. Never one to allow geography to hold her back, she connects with clients to offer cash flow planning services via Skype. "Technology removes a barrier," she says.

Streit is also a passionate speaker, regularly presenting techniques intended to show people how they can have the financial control they're looking for. In addition to presenting during conferences and seminars, Streit spreads financial literacy by speaking to grade 10 students about money, "It simply isn't something they learn in school," she says.

Perhaps even more unusual, Streit was invited by a local church to address the congregation on how cash flow planning can help simplify their financial lives.

"My professional goal whether it be through speaking, consulting or writing is always to empower individuals to live their life to the fullest using what they have. Cash flow planning does just that; it shows people how to get more life out of their hard earned money," she says.

Streit is the author of Beyond the Rear View Mirror, a book detailing how she overcame the odds to achieve personal and professional success after experiencing abuse during her own childhood. Through offering cash flow planning and speaking, Streit feels that she is living a meaningful life by empowering others, "Once a plan is received, people feel that they have a road map-a support system that allows them to ask questions when life happens, and they feel relieved that they know where they are heading. These things combined are priceless."

About the CCS™

The Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ (CCS™) Designation is the first program of its kind in Canada. It recently launched, November 2013, and there are currently 9 Financial Professionals who have received the CCS™ Designation. Certified Cash Flow Specialists are tested for competency in the use of cash flow formulas, behavioural spending concepts, debt management, and on the review and creation of written cash flow plans. Designates must meet continuing education requirements as well as follow a professional code of conduct. In order to renew the designation, qualified professionals will have their skills put to the test by completing an annual case study and will be required to prove they are actively and regularly writing cash flow plans for their clients. The CCS™ program is managed and owned by The Money Finder.

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Stephanie Holmes-Winton, CEO of The Money Finder and founder of the CCS™
26 Morningfield Lane
Dartmouth NS, B2W 0J6



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