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Press Release: DNA Raises Money for Canadian Dog Rescues and Shelters

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Pets and Animals

DNA My Dog, a Canadian laboratory specializing in Canine DNA analysis to determine dog breeds, continues to see the runaway success of its Shelter fundraising program in Rescues and Shelters. Press Release - May 7 2012 - This affordable test will reveal all of the breeds in a dog through the dog's own unique genetic make up. In its commitment to Canadian Canine Rescues and Shelters, events are launching across Canada this summer to help curious dog owners discover the unique breeds in their dog while helping shelters raise much needed funds in these trying times.

“Our roots are in Canine Rescue”, says President Mindy Tenenbaum who is also on the Board of a large Canine Rescue organization. We understand the importance of every penny raised and how hard shelters and rescues work to maximize these funds to help the dogs in their care.

We offer our kits 100% free to all participating shelters with about 15% of the testing fee staying with the shelter who sells the test. “Selling these tests at events and at the shelter is an easy way for shelters and rescues to raise funds”, Tenenbaum says. Not only are curious dog adopters learning the breeds of their new best friend, shelters and rescues have the opportunity to host Dog DNA events with little or no cost”.

Janet Desrocher, who works at an SPCA in Northern Ontario, has used the test with much success. “We’ve worked with DNA My Dog tests for a few years now. They may be little guy in the world of DNA testing but they have the big hearts and they are Canadian. We have had a huge success with these tests and our adopters could not be happier”.

“We have numerous shelters across Canada who take advantage of our tests”, says Tenenbaum. We have raised over $65,000 to date, which goes directly to the shelters and the dogs who need their help”.

Results of the at-home one-minute cheek swab test are returned in just over a week and include a Canine Breed Composition DNA Analysis Certificate with the dog's photo and breed composition, suitable for framing. Also included is a report on the dog's dominant breeds, personality traits and health concerns.

DNA kits may be purchased directly from Animal Shelters or directly from  for only $59.99. Rescues and shelters interested in participating in the DNA MY Dog Shelter program can contact DNA My Dog directly for the details.

DNA My Dog

Mindy Tenenbaum



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