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Press Release: Historic Canadian jet returns home

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Avro Aircraft Limited (AVRO) is pleased to announce the return of a historic Canadian aircraft to Canada. This Canadair CL-41G aircraft is the most recent component of AVRO’s innovative jet development program. The aircraft is scheduled for arrival in Canada Tuesday April 17th 2012 at approximately 4PM to Regina International Airport. Press Release - REGINA, Saskatchewan - April 17th, 2012 - Avro Aircraft Limited (AVRO) is pleased to announce the return of a historic Canadian aircraft to Canada. This Canadair CL-41G aircraft is the most recent component of AVRO’s innovative jet development program. This program contributes to the growth of Saskatchewan’s emerging aerospace sector. The recently purchased Canadair CL41-G Tebuan aircraft is a variant of the CT-114 Tutor. The Tutor is best known as the jet flown by the Snowbirds, the Canadian Forces aerobatic team based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

AVRO is a Canadian aerospace company with headquarters in Regina, Saskatchewan. AVRO will use the aircraft as part of its flight test program for a new generation of jet engines being developed by Atlantis Research Labs, its parent company. The AVRO engine uses a patented technology which converts sound waves into energy eliminating the need for moving parts within the engine. These engines have incredible capabilities at supersonic speeds. Upon completing subsonic air trials in Canada, AVRO will move into phase II supersonic testing. The company is exploring a joint venture opportunity with NASA, where AVRO could utilize NASA’s expertise and supersonic F-15 and F-18 fighter jets as research platforms.

AVRO’s jet, the only privately owned CL41 flying in Canada, will be arriving from New York at the Regina airport on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 at approximately 4:00pm. The aircraft spent most of its years in combat service half way around the world in the Malaysian Air Force. It will be flown into Regina by pilots Ross Granley and Tim Rupcich. Mr. Granley is a former Royal Canadian Air Force pilot with extensive experience on this aircraft. Mr. Rupcich is a Vice President at Avro Aircraft Limited and holds a commercial pilot rating. Avro Aircraft Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlantis Research Labs Inc. a Saskatchewan corporation. For investment details or flight sponsorship opportunities, please call Vladimir Mravcak at 306-347-AVRO or email

Look to the skies this summer as AVRO takes flight over Southern Saskatchewan to once again push the aviation frontier.



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Author: Canadian
Apr 17, 2012
How about doing a remake of the Avro Arrow? Canada desperately needs a new jet and the F-35 fiasco is looking more like the financial blunder of the new century - so how about it?

Let's make something in Canada for a change!

Author: David Lott
Apr 17, 2012
Tebuan and A.V. Roe
My paternal grandfather worked at A.V. Roe in Malton before his passing before I was born. I worked at RCAF Station (CFB Moose Jaw) when the Malaysian techs were here to train on the Tutor. I was an airframe tech. I have a Canadair magazine with a pic of the Tebuan Wasp.

Author: Jeff Hill
Apr 18, 2012
Ross Granley flying the CL41
Ross is more than just experienced in the Tutor. He flew as Snowbird 2 in the 1990 and 1991 airshow seasons. It was a pleasure to be on squadron with him.

Author: Chris R.
Apr 18, 2012
Response to Author: Canadian
"a remake of the Avro Arrow" ...

Wonderful aircraft in 1958 -- not so much today. It's big boxy shape, saw-tooth wing and external splitters for the big boxy intakes would give it a huge radar signature. It was designed for a different time and a different environment.

Yes, we desperately do need a new jet and yes, there are some problems with the F-35, though mostly the variants we are NOT buying.

The real problem? Dollars. To buy the F-35 will cost about $15 Billion, ignoring the costs that would apply to ANY modern aircraft in service, but to develop an entirely new, indigenous aircraft that would be viable today would likely cost closer to $1 Trillion.

Author: Katherine
Apr 18, 2012
AVRO Arrow
The original comment probably meant for the creation of a new generation of the Arrow not simply a remake.

The F-35 is looking more like a massive money pit than a useful jet fighter. Creating a home version would generate jobs, keep the money in Canada (most of it anyways), increase Canadian technology and allow us to also export the technology and finished product.

Author: jim
Apr 18, 2012
Wrong AVRO
This is not the Avro Arrow Avro. The Avro name was left unprotected for 40 years and it was picked up. Avro of Regina has nothing to do with the Diefen-Arrow-Avro.

Author: Phalanx
Apr 20, 2012
DONT TAKE IT ACROSS THE BORDER!! it will only end the same way the first one did! Rip apart a CF-18 from AB! Forget NASA, NASA wouldn't have made it as far as they did if the last fine piece of Canadian pride never got stolen. The US has their secret defence programs for a reason... to stop people stealing the ideas. And watch China hasn't already stolen everything out of your computers!

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