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MLM BREAKING NEWS: Master Marketers Reveal Strategy To Roll Out 32 Country Global Expansion

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Online and offline marketers Darren Little, aka MLM Superhero and Eric Green aka The Digital Gangster announce their joint venture partnership and how they intend to take a group of Network Marketers GLOBAL as they roll-out what industry experts are calling the fastest global expansion in MLM history; a total of 32 countries! Tune in on Tuesday March 1st, 2011 at 6pm PST, 9pm EST to find out how you can use your database to profit.

It's every entrepreneurs have an international business that prints money while you are sleeping.  Now, for the first time ever, on March 1st, 2011,  millionaire mentor Darren Little aka MLM Superhero will be announcing a joint venture partnership with Eric Green aka the Digital Gangster as the two master marketers roll out an MLM expansion into 32 countries around the world.

X marks the spot!

And its something that has people buzzing throughout the health and wellness industry like never before!  Find out more on the call that has the entire industry ASKING FOR MORE!


If you are a person that is totally sold on the model of MLM, but have never really experienced serious duplication in your organization, this is a MUST CALL for you.

In fact, people that have never had success in MLM.... EVER BEFORE - are now experiencing success for the very first time using the strategies taught by these two marketers.

"The secret to success is the combination of both online and offline techniques" said Little in a recent interview. "But what's more important is being able to able to work directly with people that can teach and train you how to become an ALPHA LEADER".

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What makes this call so unique is that the two master marketers have put together systems specifically for the average person to have success. In fact, people that have never done network marketing ever before are having success with these strategies.

This includes daily briefing calls at 12 noon PST.  Saturday Marathon calls on the hour and weekly training that you and your people can plug into.  In addition to this the two will be producing online marketing funnels that do almost all of the heavy lifting.

If you are like so many people in the industry that simply have never had the opportunity to work with trainers DIRECTLY and get coached on "THE ART OF THE INVITATION", "how to put your business into momentum in 90 days", "how to get your phone ringing with incoming calls", then you definitely want to be on this EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE call.

The two marketers will be revealing how they will be rolling out a global expansion into 32 countries around the globe.  Participants that register for this call will also receive a copy of the critically acclaimed book called MLM Affiliate Magic - A step by step guide to the fast lane and how to become a top earner in your organization.  This exclusive training manual is valued at $197 and its yours FREE for attending this call.


On Tuesday March 1st, 2011, marketers from around the world will be listening to BREAKING NEWS on what industry experts are calling the fastest global expansion in MLM history. Find out how you can use your database to start profiting now!

Tuesday March 1st, 2011
6pm PST - 9pm EST

Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 477-2100
Access Code: 978053#

There will be limited spots available for this industry changing event.

For more information contact
Darren Little: 604-771-1901
SKYPE: DarrenLittle11

Eric Green: 919-633-8015


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