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Press Release: Graphic Novel Reveals Life of Ben Franklin

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New comic book reveals forgotten facts and secrets of Benjamin Franklin.

Thursday, February 24th, Toronto, ON – The re-release of a classic comic book is revealing many forgotten facts about the man some consider the world’s most influential inventor, Benjamin Franklin.

Originally published in 1956, the 48 page full color comic book has been digitally re-mastered and reprinted by Toronto based publisher Jack Lake Productions. The Benjamin Franklin issue is #65 in the Classics Illustrated series which is being reprinted by the publisher. The original comic was produced by a group of artists working for the Iger Studio in the 1950’s. The original comic was restored and completely re-coloured by Hamilton area artist Mike Gagnon.

“He’s one of those inventors that continue to have an impact on our lives every day, even if we don’t know it.” said Gagnon.

Most famous for discovering electricity with his kite experiment, Franklin would also go on to invent bi-focals, the modern wood burning stove, the first public library, and many more inventions still popular today. Franklin spent much of his time trying to improve the lives of his fellow man, as an inventor and also as a politician in the early American uprising against British rule. Franklin was also instrumental in organizing the first fire department and police force in the state of Pennsylvania, where he settled with his family.

Some of Frankiln’s most enduring innovations were in print media. Founder of the Pennsylvania Gazette, one of North America’s earliest newspapers, Franklin was the first to introduce article illustrations, humor columns, cartoons and print advertising in a newspaper.

“I was amazed at how much the modern media and publishing industries are based directly on his ideas.” Gagnon added. “It’s hard to imagine what the world would be like today if not for his influence.”

Adapted from Franklin’s own journals and historical documents, the comic book also reveals that Franklin was often physically and verbally abused by his older brother James while working as his apprentice.

The fully re-mastered Classics Illustrated #65 featuring the story of Benjamin Franklin is young reader friendly and available from your local comics retailer or online through the publisher or from More info can be found at and


For more information or to schedule an interview, contact:

Mike Gagnon at (289) 389-4091 or

Jaak Jarve. President, Jack Lake Productions at 1-800-269-9206 or

Please NOTE: Any Classics Illustrated images provided and used with this article MUST be accompanied by the following notice: “Copyright © 2011 First Classics Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Jack Lake Productions Inc.” This is VERY important.

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