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Press Release: The Mentalist's "Red Queen": No predictions needed, just the truth about Jesus and Cleopatra being lovers, sex abuse victims by the same father, mother and child, and the global elite's sick obsession

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For all those who have been following the story of the single mom from British Columbia on a one-woman crusade to reveal global fraud, she's back at it with more thoughts on tomorrow night's Mentalist on CTV.

For five episodes, global fraud researcher Susan Maureen Brandt says Bruno Heller was speaking to her.

Heller, the creator, writer, and executive producer of The Mentalist on CBS has never commented publicly on Brandt's work to expose his show. But she says he began hiding references to her in his plots once she made the claim that she could predict the shows based on her discovery of a "secret history" known to aristocratic insiders.

Now Brandt is saying the references to her have stopped, and "it's like he took an egg beater to the hidden layer of symbolism. The type of character that always had blond hair and was shorter, now has brown hair and is taller, and the Julius Caesar-type character with grey hair is disguised in younger men with a variety of appearances. Gray's Anatomy and other shows are still obvious, though."

The crux of Brandt's theory is that Julius Caesar was the son of the wealthiest man in Rome, Crassus, not a somewhat poor aristocrat. The dark-haired ruling family of Rome, the Cornelius clan led by Marius, were busy breeding numerous incest-produced children with the light-haired, blue-eyed Caesars in an attempt to produce a blond Roman prince with Marian bloodlines, who could walk into the farthest reaches of Western Europe and claim to be a native king in time for the 10,000th anniversary of the sinking of Atlantis.

Brandt says movies and tv shows abound with veiled Atlantis references because it was a real place, populated by a group of sea-faring North American natives who became "inbred assassins" on the tropical paradise still visible underwater as the Atlantic Ridge.

"In the same way the Canary Islands are said to be unstable volcanic structures that would cause massive tsunamis to slam into the East Coast of the U.S. if they crumbled into the sea, Atlantis was a chain of volcanic islands formed in exactly the same way as Hawaii continues to form now. This isn't myth, it's logical, provable science. It was lush while it lasted, but it only took a few degrees of climate change to turn it into a wasteland at some point prior to 10,000 BC."

Before Brandt stumbled upon the Atlantean origins to modern culture, she saw evidence of the turbulent period with her own eyes, when a neighbor cut a new roadway at her family's cabin in the Shuswap. "He went into a twenty-foot layer of sediments from the melting of the last ice age around 10,000 BC. Halfway down, there was a half-inch layer of gray muck that I later heard was ash from the Crater Lake volcano. The timeline fits the Atlantean saga perfectly. Midway through the melting of the glaciers in Europe and North America, huge volcanos and earthquakes rocked the whole Atlantic region. The survivors decided it was their chance to claim this messy, melting, broken world as their own. It took the next 6000 years to erase the records of five races of human having existed with grace and intelligence for hundreds of thousands of years before, if not millions. Scientists continue to hide any evidence they find today of life before the Atlanteans' new Mediterranean kingdoms. It's pathetic the lengths they go to, to deceive the public out of knowing our basic human history."

What does all this have to do with tomorrow night's Mentalist? "The original skin color of the North American race was reddish-brown. After 10,000 BC, the survivors of Atlantis decided to breed with other races to disguise themselves and allow for easier invasions, but the unique redness of their original skin was still honored and remembered, and is clearly worshiped in ancient Egyptian art. And the Mentalist pays it tribute too! They name every episode with the word red or something similar, because an elite insider like Bruno Heller knows his position in the world is a direct benefit of the Atlantean cult finally producing a blond Marian-Caesar who had the cunning, perseverance, and skill at lying to pretend he was Jesus, then walk into British history as King Lud. And his mother, Julia, also disguised herself as Cleopatra in Egypt, then joined her sons in Britain as they worked on updating Judaism to a form that would con the natives into accepting Caesar as their ruler, and pay him taxes."

Brandt says the history portrayed in second and third layers of meaning in The Mentalist's often ludicrous plots is so historically accurate that she has decoded episodes then hit the history books, finding the same events in historical texts.

"When the character of Madeleine Hightower (Mary Magdalene) appeared, the plot was about Cleopatra's ring being stolen by Caesar's son. Charming, until you realize this is mother-son incest being glorified, among con-artists who know Christianity is a fake collection of some borrowed spiritual advice, mixed with metaphors about Caesar as God, and his children as saints. So tonight's episode will be more of the same. It's shameless propaganda."

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